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Chemiguard Pressurised Tanker Offload Cabinets

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has seen rapidly increasing demand for their Chemiguard pressurised tanker offload cabinets and has recently supplied 3 cabinets to a waste recycling company.

The liquids to be offloaded were sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite and it was decided to colour code each liquid stream to help the tanker drivers to identify which Chemiguard offload cabinet to use.

All 3 systems were completely assembled and tested prior to delivery to enable the customer to simply connect up as required.

All Chemiguard cabinets are self-bunded to capture any spillages or leaks that may occur during the offloading process.

Increase Safety
Our ChemiGuard enclosures are an excellent solution for pressurised tanker offloading and offer a range of features that can significantly increase safety when handling all types of liquids including aggressive and corrosive chemicals.

For more information please call 01924 499466 or email [email protected]

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