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Caustic Blending

Packaged plant to store and dilute Caustic Soda solution

Caustic Soda, also known as Sodium Hydroxide is widely employed in neutralisation processes as it produces a linear reaction with acidic solutions and does not have the handling difficulties of lime (Calcium Hydroxide) solutions.

Bulk deliveries of Sodium Hydroxide at 47% w/w are the most commercially viable storage concentration however the dilution from this concentration to a usable process solution of, for example, 10% is exothermic and produces a hot, corrosive solution that must be contained.

Chem Resist have developed a fully automatic storage and dilution plant for Sodium Hydroxide consisting of 2 components manufactured in thermoplastic:

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034 Caustic Blending image 1
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A bulk storage tank

With a minimum capacity of 1.25 road tankers, to ensure an adequate margin for re-ordering while maintaining production.

This is supplied as a tank to be located in a bunded area or as a self-bunded construction simply to be mounted on a level concrete slab.

The tank is supplied complete with:

  • Tanker inlet pipework including isolation and drain valve arrangements
  • Integral tank insulation
  • Electric tank heating
  • Radar tank level transmission
  • High and low-level vibration level switches
  • Vibration level switch for bund liquid detection

A transfer and dilution section

Comprising of a pumped transfer of the concentrated Sodium Hydroxide solution to the dilution vessel. The dilution vessel is sized to suit the batch size of the process (can act as a day tank). Batch dilution is initiated on low-level and is fully automatic.

How to dilute caustic soda

Manufactured in all thermoplastic, the dilution vessel uses a completely enclosed mixing/recirculation system incorporating a centrifugal pump and static eductor which eliminates the need for mechanical agitator and support steelwork. The centrifugal pump is also used to transfer the product to the neutralisation process.

Advantages of the Caustic Soda dilution system:

  • All thermoplastic corrosion-resistant construction
  • Integrated storage & dilution system
  • Controlled safe operation
  • Fully automatic dilution process
  • Pumped transfer of final product
  • Specification
  • Material Specification
  • Chemicals Stored
  • Optional Extras
  • Our tanks range from 800mm to 4300mm in diameter
  • Capacities up to 130,000 litres
  • Wall thicknesses up to 140mm.
  • Beige Polypropylene (RAL 7032) – (links to pages in tech resources)
  • Black, High-Density Polyethylene (RAL 9055) – (links to pages in tech resources)
  • Any RAL colour can be chosen to enable the provision of chemical storage tanks to suit the surroundings or planning requirements (additional costs may apply)

Caustic Soda aka Sodium Hydroxide, chemical symbol NaOH, is often used in the manufacture of salts and soaps, the manufacture of paper, as a pH regulator and in making artificial textile fibres.

ChemiGuard Offloading cabinets, protecting the environment and operatives during tanker offload. Pipework systems and pumps to transfer the caustic.

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