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Manufacturer of non-metallic pumps for corrosive and abrasive environments

Munsch GmbH, a family-owned company, has been a reliable partner to the chemical and process industries for more than 50 years, working shoulder to shoulder with its customers. From the very beginnings of their activities, they have had a single-minded focus on non-metallic pumps for corrosive and abrasive service environments satisfying the highest quality, reliability and efficiency standards

Munsch pumps have earned themselves an excellent reputation among industry users and project engineers over the years. They stand for reliability, safe operation, ease of handling, high efficiencies and thick-walled plastic casings. Drawing on numerous configuration options, the product series presented on the following pages can be perfectly matched to the requirements of the specific application.

Acids, alkalis, wastewater, chemically contaminated, corrosive and solids-carrying fluids are found in the most demanding industries and pose challenging pumping tasks. Munsch’s product portfolio comprises a broad spectrum of pumps to handle these liquids across numerous market segments. Main applications for Munsch pumps include the chemical industry, the environmental sector, the mineral processing and metal finishing industries, air pollution control and applications with similar requirements.

The Munsch range includes; Mechanically Sealed (CS, NP, NPC and NPC Mammut series), Magnetic Drive (CM series), Vertical (TNP-KL, TPC and TPC-M series) and Close-Coupled Pumps (CS-B, NP-B, CM-B and TNP series).

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