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Tank Inspection Service

PM86 – A major step towards in-operation inspection of Thermoplastic Chemical Tanks

Representatives of Tank manufacturers, insurers, inspectors and users joined a HSE working party to produce the Thermoplastic tank integrity management Guidance Notes PM86. This offers an approach to timing and extent of in-operation inspection of Thermoplastic tanks which often hold corrosive solutions.

The guidance details UK and European Tank Design standards and the considerations to be taken into account during initial design and manufacture by both the manufacturer and the ultimate user of the tank. A checklist of information to exchange between designer and user is included.

What documentation the user should expect from the manufacturer is detailed along with a review of the regulations relevant to tank integrity management.

As many of the failures result from poor installation, a post-installation, pre-commissioning inspection is promoted to ensure the tank supplied meets the users requirements and has been installed correctly.

Starting with better data and information from the manufacturer the guideline explains the inspection regime which is to be undertaken by the users staff periodically, the records to be kept and those inspections to be undertaken by a competent person.

Inspection techniques are outlined along with guidance in the event of repairs to tanks and their change of use.

The updated GRP Tank Inspection Guidance Note PM75 mirrors the thermoplastic tank guide and is also available to download.

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