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Chemical Storage, Process and Mixing Tanks

Chemical Storage, Process and Mixing Tanks

Chem Resist has the in-house capability to design and manufacture a full range of vertical cylindrical thermoplastic tanks. Our unique spiral winding process allows us to manufacture chemical storage and processing tanks in any diameter from 0.8m to 4.3m with volumes up to 130m3, making our product truly bespoke.  Never have plastic chemical storage tanks been so versatile.

Manufactured in Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene PE100 and designed to the European Design Standard BS EN 12573:2000 our technology is becoming the preferred alternative to the more traditional GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and Lined Steel construction materials for the storage and processing of corrosive liquids.

Our self-bunded option provides an alternative to traditional civil bunds, reducing overall project costs.  The integrally bunded chemical storage tanks consist of two independent plastic tanks, each with their own base, offering enhanced protection.

The hazardous nature of the industries we serve demands the highest quality and integrity of our products and to this end Chem Resist manages its own in-house training school where all fabrication skills are continually monitored in accordance with the European Standard BS EN 13067 in order to maintain our high standards of manufacture.

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