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Built With Integrity

With over 50 years of experience and clients around the world, we are one of the leading providers of chemical storage and transfer solutions in the UK.

Chemical Storage and Transfer Solutions

Since 1964, Chem Resist have developed market-leading Process Plant, premium branded Fluid-Transfer products and Pipework Systems to safely store and transfer aggressive and corrosive chemicals. Backed by unparalleled technical advice and customer service, we work with our customers to find solutions for the most challenging applications. And we are proud to say we are Built with Integrity.
Built With Integrity

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What We Do

Process Plant

We use our knowledge and expertise in designing and manufacturing Spiral Wound Chemical Storage Tanks in corrosion resistant Thermoplastics to produce tanks up to 4.3m in diameter and with a capacity of 130,00 litres. This technology combined with our technical expertise creates Chemical Mixing Tanks, Fume Scrubbers and packaged solutions for Chemical Processes

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The Best Choice for Chemical Storage

Why use thermoplastic tanks for chemical storage?

Download the white paper:

If you’re interested in learning more about Chemical Storage tanks manufactured using the Spiral Wound method – how they can be used to benefit your organisation and the environment when compared to the alternatives – download our white paper to learn more about the carbon footprint of chemical storage.

Prepared by Chem Resist Sales Director Gary Smith and Technical Manager Stephen Menzer, the white paper breaks down both the business and environmental case for spiral wound manufacturing.

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What We Do

Fluid Transfer

We supply premium pump brands including, Almatec, Munsch and World Chemical and fluid transfer technologies such as Air Operated Double Diaphragm, Mechanically Sealed and Magnetic Drive. ChemiGuard is our range of Chemical Offload and Dosing Cabinets to protect the environment and operator. Supported by a range of spares, servicing, repair and express delivery options.

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What We Do

Pipework Systems

We create pipework solutions to transfer corrosive and aggressive chemicals using Thermoplastics including Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene and Fluoroplastics to extend or repair existing installations. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities deliver tailored bespoke fabrications to challenging applications. Our team also offers fast turnaround for your emergency repairs.

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