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Tanker Offload Fume Scrubbers

Fume Scrubbers to alleviate fumes as tankers offload chemicals

Many tanker offload operations require fume scrubbing due to vapours released during the process.  We have developed a specialist Tanker Offload Fume Scrubber to absorb vapours during offload and especially those entrained in the ‘pad air’ towards offload completion.

Chem Resist’s Tanker Offload Fume Scrubbers are suitable for both pumped and blown discharge operations, with flow rates between 50 – 1,600 m3/hr.  Depending on your specific application and site effluent requirements, the scrubbers can either be once-through (using water), or re-circulation.

As a result of daily temperature fluctuations, the tank will breathe in and out and can consequently release vapours.  Using timed operation, the scrubbers also ensure that emission constraints are met at all times.

Tanker Offload Fume Scrubbers can be used in conjunction with ChemiGuard Offload and Dosing Cabinets to create a complete solution, protecting both operators and the environment.

032 Tanker Offload Fume Scrubber image 1
032 Tanker Offload Fume Scrubber image 2
032 Tanker Offload Fume Scrubber image 1
032 Tanker Offload Fume Scrubber image 2

Complete Tanker Offload Fume Scrubbing installations:-

  • Efficient solutions for flow rates between 50 – 1,600 m3/hr in a single column with minimal footprint and maximum capacity
  • Unparalleled experience in managing corrosive and hazardous chemicals
  • Extensive technical advice available through every stage of your project
  • Consistent and reliable project management

What we deliver:-

  • Provide homogeneous internal and external corrosion resistance
  • Readily fabricated into large freestanding structures
  • Easily assembled into packages, pumps and pipework in the same materials
  • Specification
  • Material Specification
  • Chemicals Stored
  • Optional Extras
  • Diameters from 300mm to 4300mm in diameter
  • Flow rates up to 60,000m3/hr
  • All thermoplastic construction
  • Beige Polypropylene (RAL 7032) – (links to pages in tech resources)
  • Black, High-Density Polyethylene (RAL 9055) – (links to pages in tech resources)
  • Any RAL colour can be chosen to enable the provision of chemical storage tanks to suit the surroundings or planning requirements (additional costs may apply)

Some of the many chemicals requiring fume scrubbing are:

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Nitric acid
  • Ammonia solution
  • Acetic acid
  • Interconnecting ductwork
  • ChemiGuard offloading and dosing cabinets
  • Level instrumentation
  • Control systems


Send a message to the Chem Resist sales team for more information.

Alternatively, contact us on +44 1924 499466 or [email protected].

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