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Turnkey Project Services

Complete Management for Chemical Storage and Transfer Projects

We are able to combine the products and services of all our divisions to include; thermoplastic storage tanks, premium-branded pumps, ChemiGuard offload and dosing cabinets and pipework systems and provide complete management services for projects to connect, store and transfer aggressive chemicals.

Whilst some customers may begin working with a single Chem Resist division, over time the majority see value in working with the whole company and also using Chem Resist to manage their turnkey installation projects. Using our team of experienced Project Engineers and our extensive technical knowledge saves valuable time and cost in completing complex projects.

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Gary Smith, Sales Director at Chem Resist explains, “Using Chem Resist to manage new turnkey installations gives our customers significant benefits. These projects are often complex; using not only our products and services but local contractors and all to tight timescales. Obviously, we connect all the Chem Resist products and services to create a complete solution for customers but additionally we co-ordinate trade contractors and manage the whole timeline too. We take complete ownership of the project.”

Historically, back in the 1980’s and 90’s installation projects were managed by organisations using their own resources to individually source tanks, pipework, pumps, fume scrubbers and the installation. Today, organisations simply don’t have the resources available to manage complex capital projects with many moving parts, requiring multiple points of contact.

Gary adds, “Working with us will, in the first instance remove the need for any external consultancy, reducing project costs. If required we can also attend or chair HAZOPS as part of the project design phase. We ensure there’s always a consistent communication flow and knowledge transfer between Chem Resist and the customer. We’ll share our technical expertise with customers and guide them through complex chemical processes such as diluting, mixing & neutralising. In our many years’ experience, we’ve probably worked on a similar project, so we can draw on that and help avoid costly pitfalls and delays. Hand-in-hand with the project ownership comes responsibility, so when there are issues and things don’t go to plan, which let’s face it can happen, it’s down to us to sort everything out, which we do.”

Very simple things can give significant savings; by provide a single point of contact we simplify the whole communication process, so we’re always just one call or email away. We add value to projects, helping customers make their own internal processes safer and more efficient, which is to them priceless.

Recent Chem Resist turnkey projects include; fully automated sulphuric acid dilution and storage, caustic storage and transfer, maximising footprint to increase site storage capacity by building tall.

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Download the white paper:

If you’re interested in learning more about Chemical Storage tanks manufactured using the Spiral Wound method – how they can be used to benefit your organisation and the environment when compared to the alternatives – download our white paper to learn more about the carbon footprint of chemical storage.

Prepared by Chem Resist Sales Director Gary Smith and Technical Manager Stephen Menzer, the white paper breaks down both the business and environmental case for spiral wound manufacturing.

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