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Manufacturer of drum and barrel pumps

Grün-pumpen was founded in 1993 and in 2008 expanded and moved to a renovated factory in Wertheim. In this new building the production technology, logistics and sales has expanded to an area over 1200 m².

Grun is member of the Dostmann Group of Companies and is managed by a highly experienced technician from the field of barrel pump applications. A quality management system and the employees’ know-how are the guarantee for the Grun high-tech pumps.

Available in a wide range of materials of construction are available including PVDF, PP, Stainless Steel and Hastelloy C coupled with several configurations to suit specific applications.  Grun pumps are available to handle everything from small laboratory applications to heavy duty pumps handling viscosities of 100,000 CPS

Grun pumps can handle virtually any liquid: water, strong acids, strong alkalis, milk, paint, hot acids and alkalis, emulsions, suspensions, fruit juices, galvanic liquids, gaseous liquids, toxic liquids, resins and slurries.

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