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Process Plant

Process Plant

Since the early 1960s Chem Resist has pioneered the use of thermoplastics in the process industries sector – leading to our present position as one of the largest design, manufacturing and installation specialists in corrosion resistant thermoplastics in Europe.

Whether we are supplying a single product or a full turnkey operation our customers are assured of the best advice, service and quality for which we are renowned.

On the global stage we are proud to have the world’s largest diameter spiral wound plastic tank manufacturing capability with vessels up to 4.30m diameter and 130,000 litres capacity and our products (and high reputation!) can be found in most of the world’s developed countries…

With corrosion resistance paramount in the bulk of our applications, all Chem Resist Storage & Process Vessels, as well as Fume Scrubbers and Bespoke Fabrications are constructed from PE100-RC. This is the most advanced form of High Density Polyethylene, specifically being developed to resist stress cracking from highly oxidising chemicals.

Our Plastic Storage Tanks are manufactured to BS EN 12573 : 2000, the British & European Standard. Where required, this can be complemented with DVS 2205 (German Guidelines), to enable designs which deviate from standard atmospheric design.

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The Lifecycle of a Chem Resist Storage Tank

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Technical Resources

Not sure what you need? We have a range of resources with further information about our process plant offerings...

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