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Schmitt TE Pump

Stainless steel dry run safe submersible pumps

The TE Pump Series is particularly suitable if containers or dipping baths cannot be flange connected to the side or if the application involves the possibility of dry running.

In the TE Pump Series, the motor power is transmitted directly through the extended pump shaft to the impeller. This rotating shaft is exclusively supported through the two motor bearings and therefore runs completely contact free and abrasion-free inside the housing. Due to the design, the use of bearing and shaft seals is not required. All parts that are in contact with the medium are made solid of stainless steel (1.4571).

Semi-open impeller means up to 3mm and 10% volume of solids can be handled.

Standard vertical setting depths of 200m to 800 mm.

Typical applications include electro-plating technology, airplane jet engine cleaning plants, filtration, largescale bakeries, smoke plants for processed meats, for very hot alkaline liquids, laboratory applications, environment engineering, food industry, circulating and mixing tasks, application for dirty and metal polluted media

Schmitt TE series pumps are available in stainless steel.

106 Schmitt TE Vertical Cantilever Pump image 1
106 Schmitt TE Vertical Cantilever Pump image 1

Performance Data

  • Pump capacity: 500l/min
  • Total differential head: up to 28m
  • Operating temperature: 150°C
  • Diameter of discharge nozzle: 1” / 1¼” / 1½”
  • Motor rating: up to 2.2kW
  • Solids concentration: 10% MAX
  • Maximum allowable particle size: 3mm MAX

Features and Benefits

  • Quiet and compact, easy to maintain
  • Absolutely dry run safe (no contact of mechanical parts)
  • Operates at high temperatures +150°C
  • Good compatibility with a broad spectrum of corrosive and aggressive liquids, no metal parts are in contact with the medium
  • Standard vertical setting depth can be varied between 200mm and 800mm
  • Open impeller design allows high solid content and large solid particles to be efficiently transferred
  • Models
  • Materials
  • Performance Charts
  • Optional Extras
  • TE115
  • TE130
  • TE150
  • TE170
  • TE180H
  • TE190
  • Main material: Stainless Steel
  • Impeller: Stainless Steel
  • Shaft: Stainless Steel
  • Pump housing seal: PTFE
  • Extension pipe
  • Suction filter

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