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Munsch CM+ Magnetically Coupled Chemical Pump

New standards for performance

Setting a new standard of magnetic drive pump performance with solid handling capabilities and an application range to 180°C.

The Munsch CM+ – the pump with the plus – promises:

  • Safety Plus – extra protection to ensure safety whether in operation, experiencing a fault, or in shut-down condition.
  • Reliability Plus – built to last and subject to long-term testing, with innovative impeller design
  • Efficiency Plus – exceptional performance in energy efficiency, suction behaviour, and NPSH requirements
  • Availability Plus – solution-oriented delivery times and spare part availability
  • Handling Plus – MagPull and Quickfit systems make in situ pump maintenance easy
  • Application Plus – a wide range of pump sizes and capacities to tailor the pump to your needs
  • Quality Plus – the reliable plastic-lined pumps Munsch have been known for for over 50 years
  • Sustainability Plus – sustainably, socially and ethically sound manufacturing processes

Unique features

The QUICKFIT and MagPull easy maintenance systems provide quick and easy access without having to remove the pump.


The pump casing can be removed from the remaining pump unit within a few minutes while remaining connected to the discharge and suction-side piping.

The QUICKFIT unit can be replaced with the casing staying in line, allowing for the pump to be restarted with a minimum of downtime.


Routine maintenance? No problem with the MagPull system! The bearing bracket can be removed from the remaining pump unit with the piping connections remaining connected.

The pump will continue to be hermetically sealed while the bearing bracket and outer magnet assembly are being inspected and serviced.

Chemical Process Pump Performance Data

  • Pump capacity: up to 200 m³/h
  • Total differential head: up to 90 m
  • Operating temperature [t]: up to 180 °C
  • Operating pressure [p]: up to 16 bar

Features and Benefits

  • Replacaeable, thick-walled volute casing with minimum thickness of 10mm without weak welds or joints
  • Innovative single-piece impeller-shaft construction designed for optimal operating reliability
  • Thermocontrol pump monitoring for continuous measurement, with sensors located directly at point of heat dissipation
  • Internal circulation provides perfect plain bearing lubrication, with additional external lubrication options
  • Easy to assemble, replace and maintain within minutes
  • Additional protection for staff and plant with pressure-resistant secondary seals up to 10 bar

Technical Data

  • Models
  • Materials
  • Performance Charts
  • Optional Extras


  • Main material: Silicon carbide
  • O-rings: FFPM, FPM and EPDM
  • Gaskets: TFM 1600, PTFE
  • Dry run-proof bearings
  • Temperature and vibration monitoring of anti-friction bearings
  • Pressure monitoring of secondary seal
  • Electronic monitoring of outer magnet assembly
  • Thermocontrol – temperature monitoring of process liquid

Suggested Applications

Thanks to the hermetically sealed design, the CM+ is ideal for sensitive areas with high hazard potential – whether for health or the environment. Common applications include:

  • The chemical industry
  • Electrolysis plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electroplating plants
  • The environmental sector

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