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Thermoplastic Production Booms

Due to continued increased demand, Chem Resist have run a number of 24 hour production campaigns.  This has led to an abundance of Storage and Process Tanks at our manufacturing works that are completed and ready to be delivered.

The wide array of tanks highlight the true bespoke nature of our product, being able to build any diameter up to 4,300mm and any height up to 9,500mm.  This allows optimisation of available footprint when height isn’t restricted & similarly, using large diameters when height needs to be minimised.

As the reputation and versatility of Thermoplastic Storage Tanks continues to grow, we are continuing to see more and more traditional GRP users make the switch to our unique Spiral Wound technology.

Strong investment plans for 2018/19 are in place to ensure that Chem Resist continue to meet the needs of the growing marketplace.

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