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Tanks Return to Dewsbury

Chem Resist pride themselves on developing and maintaining excellent relationships with their customers, which is made easier with such high-quality products.

Two Polypropylene Process Tanks (21.50m3 & 26.00m3) have recently been replaced, which have been in service in high temperature, acidic and alkaline conditions for 10 years and brought back to our works for inspection. Apart from some slight changes in appearance due to such a time in a busy plant, critical regions remain unchanged.

Tank design lives generally range from 10 to 20 years, depending on the application. Corrosive, high temperature processes tend to be 10 years due to the potential effects of heat ageing. All design is theoretical and it is actual field data that proves invaluable.  Being able to study tanks post service makes it possible to reinforce the design data and confirm the inert nature of the materials of construction.

The vessels required minimal maintenance during their working life and this was a major factor in the decision to place a repeat order for Polypropylene vessels.

All Chem Resist Storage & Process Tanks are fully recyclable on return to us after replacement.

One of the returned vessels with a replacement vessel inset.
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