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Choosing the right fluid transfer brand

Finding the right pumps and valves to integrate into your chemical transfer and storage system is vital to ensure the required performance, highest efficiency and safety standards are both met and maintained.

Spend any time at all researching, and you’ll find that different fluid transfer manufacturers have different specialisms, as well as products with very different specifications within their own ranges. A manufacturer you’ve relied on in the past may not be the best fit for a new application.

At Chem Resist, we have long standing relationships with reputable, reliable premium manufacturers from across the globe that design and manufacture fluid transfer products. Chem Resist Fluid Transfer are specialist chemical pump distributors, specialising in supplying pumps, valves and level controls that deal with aggressive and corrosive applications.

Finding the right fit for your needs

Chem Resist work with a select range of fluid transfer brands each with decades of experience, however the best product for you depends on the demands of your application and the fluid being transferred. We have summarised a list of all of our fluid transfer and acid transfer pump manufacturers brands and the solutions they offer, to help find the right pump for you.

Chemical transfer pump manufacturers

The right brand for your application will depend on the chemical being handled, the temperatures involved and the required duty point (flow and pressure rates). For example, some manufacturers provide pumps that can handle virtually any liquid, while others specialise in handling thicker, more abrasive liquids with suspended particles, as found in the mining or wastewater industries.

Brands we work with

Abaque manufacture high-performance peristaltic hose pump that can handle the toughest pumping needs. Their pumps are suitable for anything from aggressive to shear-sensitive and viscous fluids, including abrasive products containing suspended particles. The technology involves no seals, valves or mechanical seals found in other pump technologies, and so demands minimal maintenance and delivers long-life performance and the ability to run-dry without damaging the pump.

Peristaltic pumps use a hose to contain the fluid, hoses are available in a range of materials from Natural Rubber to EPDM. ATEX options are also available for explosive applications.

Abaque specialise in: Mining, water and wastewater treatment, energy, chemical processing and OEM applications.

Find out more about Abaque here.


Almatec manufacture and supply market leading Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps. Their unique and solid design can be found in a wide range of applications and uses diaphragms powered by the patented Perswing air control system to optimise capacity, flow patterns and pump safety. The absence of any drives, rotating parts and shaft seals eliminates internal wear and potential failure. The range can handle strenuous pumping applications and abrasive liquids with high solid content and includes models specifically for high-pressure and sterile applications.

Almatec specialise in: Chemical process, semiconductor/solar, ceramic, hygienic, paint & coatings, pulp & paper, water treatment and pharmaceutical applications.

Find out more about Almatec here.


Grun Drum and Barrel Pumps are able to handle anything from small laboratory applications to heavy duty applications processing viscosities of 100,000 CPS. Grun pumps can handle virtually any liquid: water, strong acids, strong alkalis, milk, paint, hot acids and alkalis, emulsions, suspensions, fruit juices, galvanic liquids, gaseous liquids, toxic liquids, resins and slurries.

Grun specialise in: Chemical, water, food and beverage, oil and chemical processing applications.

Find out more about Grun here.


Munsch centre their brand around reliability, safety, efficiency and ease of use and precision engineering resulting in an excellent reputation amongst industry users and project engineers.

Ideally suited to handle aggressive and corrosive liquids that may contain solids, their extensive portfolio of products includes Magnetic Drive, Mechanical Seal and Vertical pump technologies. Chem Resist are the exclusive UK distributors for Munsch.

Munsch specialise in: Chemical industry, environmental sector, mineral processing, metal finishing, air pollution control applications.

Find out more about Munsch here.


Neptune Dosing Pumps can be found in a wide range of chemical injection applications, with the manufacturer specialising in hydraulic, mechanical and electrical metering pumps.

Neptune specialise in: Agriculture, oil and gas exploration, power generation, chemical processing, and water/wastewater treatment applications.

Find out more about Neptune here.

Pan World

Pan World manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality, good value magnetic drive pumps. Offering a wide range of chemical resistance – the range is engineered to give excellent performance and reliability.

Pan World specialise in: Chemical manufacturing and distribution, wastewater treatment plus any chemical handling applications.

Find out more about Pan World here.


Schmitt manufacture magnetic drive and vertical pumps, specialising in pumps to convey corrosive and high-purity liquids. The range uses plastic and a combination of stainless steel and plastic to provide excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

Schmitt specialise in: Semiconductor and solar cells, environmental, chemical food and beverage, electroplating and surface technology and air-conditioning, cooling and refrigeration applications.

Find out more about Schmitt here.

World Chemical

World Chemical standard and self-priming magnetic drive pumps are found in a wide range of applications with a focus on manufacture of electrical components, the environment and water treatment. The World Chemical range includes standard magnetic drive (GS, GSR and GSF series), self-priming magnetic drive pumps (GV and GVF series) and a magnetic drive submersible chemical pump (GWN series). Chem Resist are exclusive UK Distributors for World Chemical.

World Chemical specialise in: Chemical manufacturing and distribution, water treatment applications.

Find out more about World Chemical here.

Still not sure which product is right for you?

Use our handy pump finder tool to narrow down a search through our extensive range of suppliers to get the right pump for you. Contact us for any help and advice you may need – we’re always happy to share our extensive fluid transfer experience.

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