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Amazing Almatec Performance

In 2008 a number of pumps c/w pulsation dampers were supplied to a steel mill that produces a wide range of wire rod and rebar products, the pumps are used to transfer various acids on different parts of the manufacturing process.

Service contract

We implement a service contract on all pumps at site so from time to time pumps are brought back to our workshop for a full inspection, report and overhaul as required. Recently we inspected an A50ETT pump c/w T50EFT pulsation damper that has been in service since July 2008.

Long life

The pump is used on a daily basis and our records show that this is only the third time this pump has been inspected since it was installed 10 years ago.

Integral pulsation dampers

The pumps are fitted with dampers which mount directly to the pump centre housing so no extra pipework is required. The dampers will take out in excess of 90% of pulsation during pump operation.

Overhaul & Test

Upon inspection the pump required new diaphragms & sleeve ‘O’ rings. The pulsation damper only required a new diaphragm. Although the pump looks a little grubby due to the operating conditions it was as good as new and after a full test it was returned back to service.

Official UK agents

As the official UK agent of Almatec pumps for over 25 years Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has extensive knowledge of the complete Almatec range of pumps. For more information please call 01924 499466 or email [email protected]

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