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10,000 pumps and counting…

Chem Resist’s Fluid Transfer Division, founded in 1986, supplier of premium-branded pumps around the world, recently reached a significant milestone; supplying 10,000 pumps.

The Division distributes premium-branded pumps including; Almatec, Munsch, World-Chemical and Pan-World and allocates each pump leaving the Dewsbury site with a serial number to identify and trace individual models in the field; the serial numbers have just passed 10,000.

The 10,000th pump, was an Almatec C25 AODD (Air Operated Double Diaphragm) pump used within a skid, part of a new Chem Resist turnkey project to supply a Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plant in Ethiopia.

Neil Williams, Director of the Fluid Transfer Division explains, “The Fluid Transfer Division was a natural extension from Chem Resist’s origins of manufacturing chemical storage tanks. Pumps are needed to transfer liquids to and from the tanks and around sites, so supplying these and providing spare parts and servicing has been an integral part of what we do for almost 35 years. Reaching 10,000 pumps is a real achievement.”

“As a business we specialise in containing and transferring corrosive liquids, so the range of fluid transfer products we distribute are directly compatible with moving acids, alkali’s, sludges and other aggressive chemicals. Obviously, we’ve been doing this for a long time which has given us extensive experience which we’re always happy to share with our customers.”

In October 2019, ‘Priority Service’ was introduced to provide a quick turnaround for emergency requirements, in just 90 minutes from receipt of order the pump will be available for despatch by courier or collection. The service has been used several times over recent weeks, as the nations’ key suppliers demanded emergency, new and replacement pumps to continue their critical production.

Neil added “The Fluid Transfer Division is going from strength to strength, supplying over 10,000 pumps is a great achievement but we’ve ambitious plans to expand even further. We’ve been fully operational during the COVID pandemic and assisted several key customers, while also taking the opportunity to reconfigure our own warehouse and testing facilities so we’re even better prepared for the future”

The 10,000th (and 10,001st) pump in the skid, part of the Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plant for Ethiopia.
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