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Welding & Welder Training

Chem Resist take great pride in the initial training and on-going quality checking of our fabricators.  As such, all personnel are tested to the European Standard BS EN 13067 – Approval Testing of Plastic Welders.

With welding being such a critical aspect of Thermoplastic Vessel manufacture, Chem Resist pioneered the development of an in-house welding school.  This enables the training of apprentice Plastic Welders, as well as the bi-annual testing of all of our Qualified Welders, ensuring standards remain consistently high.

Furnished with all the essential welding tools, the welding school also has the necessary equipment to test welds for the required integrity.

Chem Resist fabrications use cord, extrusion and butt fusion welding techniques.  The most appropriate welds are chosen to ensure optimum build integrity.

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