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About Spiral Wound Thermoplastic Vessels

Chem Resist have been at the forefront of spiral winding techniques since the early 1990’s.

As technology has progressed, our capabilities have developed to produce the largest spiral wound tanks in the world.

Our tanks range from 800mm to 4300mm, with our unique spiral winding process allowing the manufacture of any diameter within this range.  This gives us an edge, allowing like for like replacement of existing storage tanks, minimising costs associated with civil plinths.  Volumes can be as high as 130,000 litres, with wall thicknesses up to 140mm.

Continued re-investment has delivered a whole range of bespoke mandrills, ensuring vessels which are both aesthetically pleasing and highly accurate in terms of manufacturing to the design standard BS EN 12573, complimented by DVS 2205.

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