Bespoke Systems

Whatever the fluid, whatever the application we can design a pump system for you.

From concept through to installation, our pump systems will be designed and to your specific needs. Our powerful industry leading HYDROFLOW software will analyse, customise, specify and design bespoke fluid transfer solutions. They can be for any single source/single discharge, re-circulating or gravity flow piping system and will be provided with all the required technical details.

Once approved, we can build, test and commission your bespoke system as required.


Chem Resist Fluid Transfer uses powerful industry leading HYDROFLOW software to analyse, customise, specify and design bespoke fluid transfer solutions for any single source/single discharge, re-circulating and gravity flow piping system.

A comprehensive list of parameters is fed into the system before the technology tests most of the possible situations that can arise in system design, thereby avoiding costly specification errors post-installation.

Main HYDROFLOW features:

  • Validation/calibration of existing single source/discharge systems.
  • Modelling a proposed system's operation.
  • Determination of line head losses at a specific flow rate 
    (termed a forced-flow system).
  • Analysis of cavitation (Net Positive Suction Head) problems.
  • Comparison of equivalent SI unit to English unit designs.
  • Modelling of re-circulating and gravity (non-pumped) flow systems.

Data produced for pumps:

  • Operating head - total dynamic head (TDH) of pump.
  • Operating flow - flow at operating head.
  • NPSHA - net positive suction head available.

Data produced for valves:

  • Flow - amount with direction (arrow).
  • Velocity - speed of flow.
  • Head Loss - loss due to friction.
Packaged Chemical Feed System

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer is the sole distributor in the UK for Neptune Pumps and associated products.  By partnering Neptune's exemplary feeders and components with our in-house process plant design skills, the team at Chem Resist is able to design ...

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