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Case Studies

Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Tanks

Maintain Cool Temperature Of Sodium Hypochlorite During Storage for Thames Water

Customer Requirement:

A system to store Sodium Hypochlorite whilst maintaining a cool temperature.

Chem Resist Solution:

To design, manufacture and install a complete system to store Sodium Hypochlorite at a constant cool temperature.

Customer Benefits:

A complete system including spiral wound storage tanks for Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Bisulphate with recirculation system and heater exchangers with chillers giving a good range of available temperatures and increasing chemical shelf life.

Equipment Provided:

2x 9m3 Sodium Hypochlorite tanks with lagging & cladding, 2x HDPE heat exchangers with chillers 2x mixing recirculation system and 2x 1.2m3 Sodium Bisulphite storage tanks.

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