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Thermoplastic Update

Read how Chem Resist’s market-leading experience in thermoplastics enabled the company to assist a member of the Great Britain windsurfing team with transport and storage for her windsurfing equipment.

Local girl, Jennie Roberts began windsurfing during summer holidays as a child at holiday camps and family holidays abroad. By 2013 she’d mastered the basics and joined the local RYA (Royal Yachting Association) and the RYA 15 initiative aimed at introducing young people to windsurfing.

Since then, Jennie has successfully represented Great Britain in the National, European and World Championships, with a recent highlight in August 2019 being ranked 21st in the world in St Petersburg.

Being part of the Talented Athlete Support Scheme at Huddersfield New College, allowed Jennie the opportunity to balance studying with training and competing. In September 2019, after completing her A levels, Jennie moved to Southampton to study for a degree at the University on the Solent in the ‘High Performance Academy’. This move posed some challenges in terms of providing transport and storage for her windsurfing equipment including the 8m2 sail, at her new home by the sea.

As a solution John Roberts, Jennie’s father, built a trailer frame and turned to close friend and Chem Resist Chairman, Seamus Quinn for advice on providing protection for the contents whilst keeping the trailer lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Seamus recommended 3mm black polyethylene a material typically used as a base layer in the manufacture of storage and mixing tanks for aggressive and corrosive chemicals

Chem Resist applied their 50 years’ experience in thermoplastics to supply and fit the material to the frame, Seamus commented, “this was a really unusual request but we’re more than happy to provide Jennie with a solution and help her on her journey.”

Jennie added, “moving to University in a new town is challenging for every student, but factor in needing to store large bulky equipment and things get even more complicated. Thank you to Seamus and all at Chem Resist”

Jennie’s blog can be found here.

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