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Setting the Standard

The release of The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) Publication 225 Edition 1 has highlighted the importance of maintaining comprehensive records throughout all stages of a tank’s life. From initial design, to final decommissioning and disposal, there needs to be a practical means to record and maintain information about the tank and its history, including duty, inspection, modification and repairs.

An essential part of the tanks data book is that it must be a single dedicated repository of information which must remain throughout its life.  With this in mind, Chem Resist have developed such a data book to incorporate all key aspects as recommended by the EEMUA publication.

Chem Resist Data Books are now issued electronically with all Storage Tanks.  Taking into consideration staff movement within our clients businesses, which can lead to loss of information, a unique portal has been created.  This is a secure area of the Chem Resist Website which contains all data books for each client, accessed by a username and password.  This enables management of each data book in one area, allowing download and upload of information to maintain up to date records at all times.

For any questions or for access details, please email [email protected]

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