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New Water Recycling System to save 4M litres

Last month a further £70k was invested in ongoing site improvements, in the form of a recycling system for water used in Hydrostatic testing our Thermoplastic Storage Tanks.

As we continue to manufacture ever-larger capacity tanks, driven by our customers maximising their site space and streamlining processes, we continually improve our own capabilities for production, handling, storage and also testing.

Each tank we manufacture goes through a rigorous range of in-process checks, to prove its integrity before it leaves site. One of these is the Hydrostatic Water Test which is part of our Quality Management System and requires every tank to be brim-full for a period of 24hrs without any loss of containment.

As part of our ongoing site investment and environmental commitment, £70k has been invested in a Recycling System for water used for the Hydrostatic Test. The enclosed system, built entirely from Chem Resist products and technology includes; a 100m3 spiral-wound Storage Tank, ChemiGuard Dosing Cabinet and World Chemical Magnetic Drive Pump to store and circulate the testing water. Operated through a Control Panel, the exact volume of testing water is selected and circulated so the process is very specific, saving time and minimising waste of any kind.

Simon Hewitt, MD comments, “In 2019, we used over 5M litres of water across all our operations at a cost of over £20k. Following an environmental review at Board level, we’ve targeted reducing our consumption levels by 80% and then maintaining those levels; central to us achieving this is the new recycling system.

“We’ve been manufacturing tanks for almost half a century and would never dream of sending one to a customer without it being fully tested. Some manufacturers charge for this, but we test everything as standard. Our new recycling system means we’ll continue to do this and drastically lower our consumption rates and minimise any environmental impact.

“Yorkshire Water visited site on the 27th October to inspect and sanction the system and were very complimentary about how effective it was. It’s already delivered significant savings in testing time and we’re well on track to achieve our new consumption target. We look forward to showcasing the system to visitors to site in the near-future.”

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