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January 2020 Site Investment

We’ve had a busy start to 2020, January has already seen the installation, commissioning and operator training for a new overhead crane system in the Spiral Winding production facility at our Dewsbury site.

The investment of over £100k, has been driven by our commitment to continuous site improvements and maintaining high health and safety standards and is further fuelled by customer demand for increasingly large tanks.

Simon Hewitt, Managing Director comments, “Back in the ‘80’s, when we started doing this our average tank capacity was 25,000l, today it’s 50,000l. We’re manufacturing on a much larger scale than ever before, so this investment enables us to do so more efficiently. Driving this is increased market demand for chemicals and our customers seeking their own production and cost efficiencies.”

The 18m span crane system gives full coverage of the Spiral Winding production facility. This means the heavy formers (also known as mandrels) some weighing nearly 7 tonnes, used in the manufacturing process can be efficiently and safely moved. Finished tank cylinders can also be easily handled and directly loaded onto transport, streamlining operations.

The crane system and supporting steelwork have been installed independently of the building structure to allow for further future expansion. This marks a continuation of recent investment in equipment and technology to grow our market-leading Spiral Winding capabilities, with a second phase planned for April 2020.

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