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Fully Automated Effluent Treatment System

A high profile global food company was continually battling to keep its effluent discharge within its consent levels at one of its UK based plant with stiff financial consequences.

An effluent stream with a broad range of constituents ranging from large volume wash-down water to high levels of organic chemicals meant that the existing basic Effluent Treatment System was constantly under pressure unable to to deal with pH fluctuation and excess levels of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) subsequently causing regular excursions above consent levels.

Chem Resist was asked to undertake a study of the current system and make recommendation for improvement with the key objectives being to prevent excursions and the associated costs.

The result of which was the design, installation and commissioning of a Fully Automated Effluent Treatment System capable of separating and treating water, oils and solids.

A key ingredient of our solution was the inclusion of a large volume treatment tank allowing self-neutralisation of the waste stream, reducing chemical consumption and dilution of COD waste whilst also providing a significant buffer in the event of a serious breach event on site.

The system which has now been in operation for over 12 months has had no excursions on both pH and COD discharge resulting in reduced standard sewage charges with the added bonus  of significant treatment chemical usage which has reduced to 1/50th of previous system consumption.

The technology, skills and experience within Chem Resist gained over 50 years meant we were able to undertake a full detailed review of the challenges and present a cost effective and fit for purpose solution.  The system is now being championed internally for other global plants which has similar challenges.

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