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Chemical Dosing System

On the back of a large project designed, manufactured and installed by our Process Plant Division it was identified that a small dosing system was required to dose various chemicals around the site.

3 way ball valve
The system was to be manually operated and needed the option of pumping down 2 separate pipe runs. To enable this, a 3 way manual ball valve was incorporated into the design.

Almatec Pump
The pump selected was an Almatec E10TTT with all wetted parts of PTFE. This pump was chosen as features include self-priming and the ability to run dry without damage.

Flow rate
The ability to control the liquid flow rate was via a pressure control valve on the air supply to the pump. With a varying 4-20mA control signal the output pressure to the pump can be regulated between 0 and 7 bar to allow the liquid flow rate to be easily regulated.

The complete system was installed in a Chemiguard dosing cabinet which is self-bunded and includes an integral drain valve.

Official UK agents
As the official UK agent of Almatec pumps for over 25 years Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has extensive knowledge of the complete Almatec range of pumps.

For more information please call 01924 499466 or email [email protected]

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