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Chem Resist present at International Conference

April saw Chem Resist continue at the forefront of Storage Tank design, with an invitation to speak at TUV SUD’s Plastic Materials in Plant Engineering 6th International Conference in Munich.   The conference, titled ‘New Developments and Experience in the Industrial Application’, was attended by experts from across Europe.

Representing Chem Resist, Technical Manager Dr Stephan Menzer gave a talk to all delegates on the field of Tank Ventilation.  This has been highlighted as an area of concern in Germany, where multiple tank failures have been seen in recent years, through over pressure or vacuum.

Through detailed calculation and concept design, Stephan modelled liquid and air flow from road tanker deliveries to highlight resultant air flow and subsequent vent sizing.  This was demonstrated in reverse, for the emptying of vessels by uncontrolled measures (valve/pipe failure).

Stephan’s talk was very well received, generating productive discussions which have since provided substantive explanations of recent failures. We foresee significant changes in tank design in Germany.

The conference highlighted the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge at this level, ensuring Storage Tanks are able to fulfil their design life without incident.

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