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Chem Resist Break UK Record

Chem Resist once again broke new boundaries for Thermoplastic Storage Tanks with the successful installation of a 100m3 Waste Acid Storage Tank c/w Secondary Bund, which is the largest in the UK.

Chemical storage tanks UK

A large chemical manufacture in the west of England encountered the significant failure of their existing Waste Acid Storage Tank manufactured with a GRP Lined construction. As the Storage Tank was part of the site effluent treatment system, there was potential risk to the continuation of production if a solution was not identified.

Due to the relatively young age of the failed Storage Tank the client was reluctant to go down the same route when considering a replacement. After a web search Chem Resist were engaged to review the application and provide an alternative solution.

Due to the layout of the existing plant it was not possible to build a secondary civil containment bund with a volume of 110m3 which is the requirement for a storage capacity of 100m3. The ability to offer cylinder dimensions from 800mm to 4,300mm meant we could offer a dimensionally bespoke 100m3 Self-bunded Storage Tank to suit the restrictive layout, manufactured from the best available material, HDPE PE100 RC and using our unique Thermoplastic Spiral Winding process.

Critically our proposal also complied with the recommendations detailed in the Ciria publication Containment systems for the prevention of pollution: A bund is ‘a facility (including walls and base) built around an area where potentially polluting materials are handled, processed or stored, for the purposes of containing any unintended escape of material from that area until such time as remedial action can be taken’.  Bunds are structurally independent from the primary containment tank.

Contract award included the design, manufacture and installation of a replacement Storage System complete with Roof Access Steelwork.

Bunded chemical tanks

Chem Resist’s Integrally Bunded Storage Tanks are recognised as ‘Bunded’, using definitions from the above. During manufacture, both the storage tank and bund are fabricated independently, both comprising of their own cylinder and base.  A welded rainskirt prevents ingress of water if the intended location is external.

In contrast, it must be noted that ‘double skinned’ or ‘double walled’ storage tanks whereby both ‘skins’ or ‘walls’ are sited and welded to the same base, are not considered to provide secondary containment and should not be classed as bunded.

Chem Resist’s Integrally Bunded Storage Tanks range from 1,000 to 100,000 litres, varying in diameter to suit your requirements.  All are bespoke products and designed individually to BS EN 12573.

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