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Almatec Hygenic Application Pumps

DID YOU KNOW that Chem Resist Fluid Transfer can supply Almatec Pumps that conform to European Directive EC1935/2004 which declares the pumps are safe to pump materials used for food etc.?

Whenever hygienic applications are explored discussions occur about the various certificates needed for compliance. For example a common high standard certification referring to hygienic designs and pump construction is EHEDG.

Even if there is no requirement for an EHEDG design and cleaning is not an issue for the application there are still strong demands for the pump wetted parts to be suitable for food contact.

Historically the only applicable reference was the regulation of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but the European Directive EC 1935/2004 is becoming increasingly important in Europe.

To identify Almatec Pumps that conform to EC 1935/2004 they will carry the extra coding option ‘H’ e.g. the E25TTT pump will become E25TTT-H and the pumps will be supplied with extra documentation confirming compliance.

Code H pumps are available with all Almatec Pumps with PTFE internals.

NOTE: Almatec BIOCOR Pumps with PTFE internals are already EC 1935/2004 and EHEDG compliant.


Official UK agents
As the official UK agent of Almatec Pumps for nearly 25 years Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has extensive knowledge and stock of the complete Almatec range of pumps. For more information please call 01924 499466 or email [email protected]

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