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Aerospace Waste Sump Solution

Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has recently supplied a bespoke pumping system to a major aerospace industry client

The application was to automatically empty a waste sump in a safe and reliable manner; so after a site visit it was determined that this could be done in house with a bespoke design utilising two of the many products available through Chem Resist Fluid Transfer.

Schmitt Pump
The pump selected was a Schmitt T115PVDF-ET400 which is seal-less in design and can handle solids up to 3mm diameter. Wetted parts were PVDF to give excellent material compatibility on the wide variety of liquids that would come into the sump.

Automatic start / stop
This was achieved by utilising the Flowline Smart-Trak system, this application used 2 ultrasonic level switches that can be easily moved to modify the start and stop points.

Mounting plate
A bespoke mounting plate was fabricated to make installation simple.

Official UK agents
As the official UK agent of Schmitt pumps for over 20 years Chem Resist Fluid Transfer has extensive knowledge of the complete Schmitt range of pumps.

For more information please call 01924 499466 or email [email protected]

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