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Chem Resist Group Ltd are well respected leaders in the manufacture of spiral wound thermoplastic storage tanks, systems and suppliers of a wide range of chemical pumps.

To enhance our current portfolio Chem Resist launched a new range of products - ChemiGuard®.  These are proving very successful with many clients now installing them as site standard.

The transfer of bulk liquids from tanker to bulk storage tanks happens hundreds if not thousands of times every day in the UK and the ChemiGuard range of products are specifically designed to increase the safety and reliability of this operation.

Consisting of 3 fully customizable products the ChemiGuard range covers blown tanker and pumped tanker discharge applications and also a dosing cabinet range.

Blown Discharge

This version is specifically adapted to the offloading of delivery vehicles whereby the method of offload uses pressurisation of the road tanker. Features include the tanker connection, isolation valve and sample point, complete with integrated sump and drain. The system protects both the operator and the environment from the various dangers of offloading operations including risks of leaks and splashes during liquid transfer. Contamination of the surrounding area is prevented as spillages are contained.

Chemiguard PumpedPumped Discharge

The pumped discharge option is designed for liquid transfer using pumps, where client preference is to avoid the use of high pressures. This permits the transfer from either top or bottom outlets, due to the self-priming nature of the pump within the cabinet. Alongside the magnetically driven pump there are all the pipework, valves and controls required for the safe offloading of liquid chemicals.

Discharge rates and pump materials can be specified to suit the requirements of the application. The cabinet also includes sample point, drip tray and drain. It is available in fixed or mobile versions.

Dosing Cabinets

ChemiGuard Dosing Cabinets are the ideal solution for enhancing site safety around the transfer of chemicals from a storage facility to a process. Available in various sizes, the appropriate version can be selected to ensure your dosing/transfer pumps, valves, flow monitoring, sampling and any other relevant equipment can remain behind lockable doors. Key connections points are therefore housed, with any leaks or spillages remaining contained in the integral bund. Colour coding is available to identify specific product streams.

Common Features

All ChemiGuard cabinets are lockable, manufactured from moulded UV stable plastics and can be customized to suit individual customer requirements.

Colour Coding

ChemiGuardOne of the unique features is the option to colour code each ChemiGuard cabinet. This can help site personnel identify different liquid streams helping to reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

ChemiGuard - Enhancing your site safety.

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