Almatec CXM series Diaphragm Pumps

ALMATEC CXM series of AODD pumps are used as general-purpose pumps for low to medium duty and also as drum pumps.

The new CXM series is available in four pump sizes with NPT and three pump sizes with BSP connections. This is possible thanks to the modular design of the pumps. The position of the suction and discharge ports of the NPT models can be changed by rotating the centre block. The product connections of the BSP pumps sizes 25, 55 and 135 are located on the face side of the pump.

Sizes and the Connection Style at a Glance:

CXM 10 = NPT ⅜"
CXM 20 = NPT ½"
CXM 25 = BSP ½"
CXM 50 = NPT ¾"
CXM 55 = BSP 1"
CXM 130 = NPT 1¼"
CXM 135 = BSP 1½"

This wide range of product connections allows a precise adjustment of the pump to the specific application. This is reinforced by the alternative choice between a ball and cylinder valve system, which can also be converted to each other. Ball valves are ideal for liquids containing particles, cylinder valves for superior suction lift for clear liquids.

Flow optimizations in the product channels ensure high performance and gentle pumping. The CXM series adapts the ring-tightening structure which is typical for the ALMATEC E-Series. This structure has the great advantage to transfer punctual loads onto the pump housing of single housing bolt into a smooth spread of forces onto a large surface – and by this increasing containment safety.

Other features of the CXM series at a Glance:

  • Machined PE conductive construction with ATEX and FDA conformity
  • Self-priming and safe against dry running
  • Diaphragms made of EPDM, PTFE/ EPDM compound or NBR, gaskets in diaphragm materials (plus further options for PTFE diaphragms and gaskets)
  • Plain and handy design for easily carrying around in flexible usage
  • Simple and robust pump with compact, space-saving design
  • Emptying of containers down to the last drop

Same reliable diaphragms and air control system Perswing P®, as used for the E-Series

Read a PDF giving more details.

For more information contact:

Neil Williams
+44 1924 499466
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