Self Priming Magnetic Drive Pumps

Self priming magnetic drive


With the ability to prime 5 metres in less than 2 minutes the self-priming ability of our pumps is industry leading. Ideally suited for applications where suction lift and transfer of liquids is required the advantages include:

  • Magnetic drive therefore no mechanical seals
  • Wide range of material options to handle all aggressive & corrosive liquids
  • High specific gravity capabilities – up to 2.0
  • Valve-less design - no foot valve required on suction line
  • Built in siphon break to ensure pump remains primed for next operation
  • Standard IEC motor frame to allow for any motor specification
  • Large stocks held of pumps & spares

The compact design and construction means all parts including the shaft are individually replaceable for quick and easy maintenance. The most compact design in its class, this pump is engineered for greater endurance and higher efficiency.

One excellent application for these pumps is the offloading of iso-tankers where all the connections are located on the top of the tanker. With the ability to prime with long ‘up and down’ suction piping these pumps are the ideal solution to this challenge.

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GV Self-Priming Magnetic Drive Pumps

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GVF Self-Priming Magnetic Drive Pumps

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