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Gauge and Instrument Guards

An economical way to protect instruments from corrosion and clogging while maintaining high accuracy.

Each PLAST-O-MATIC Gauge and Instrument Guards features a durable and flexible diaphragm which serves as a protective barrier between the process fluid and instrument. The chamber on the instrument side of the diaphragm is filled with a heat stabilised inert mineral oil in order to accurately transmit the process pressure to the instrument.

Excellent flexing characteristics and a large sensing area (2.07 square inches) result in exceptional diaphragm response to low changes in pressure or vacuum.

Materials of construction: PTFE diaphragms are standard, elastomer diaphragms are also available.


Key Gauge and Instrument Guards features:

  • Isolate and Protect pressure or vacuum
  • Can be confidently used with a wide range of mineral and organic acids, alkalis and demineralised water
  • Combat clogging caused by suspended solids or highly viscous fluid
  • Eliminate dead pocket areas
  • High accuracy combined with cost effective savings
  • System dependability within an operating range of full vacuum to 200 PSI

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