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BSDR miniature air-operated diaphragm valves

Plastomatic Air Operated Diaphragm Valves

Designed for pressure and drain applications processing ultra-pure water and corrosive chemicals.

Compact valves for corrosive and ultra-pure liquids in PVC, PTFE, Kynar® & Polypropylene

The miniature air-operated diaphragm valve that performs like a heavyweight. Designed for pressure and drain applications with highly corrosive or ultra-pure liquid systems when space is critical. The valve is ideal for a broad range of industrial applications, from electronic to chemical plants, commercial laundries, car wash operations, etc.

For applications with ultra-pure water and concentrated etchants, such as in the semi-conductor industry, it provides the ultimate in non-leaching, contamination-free sealing. The standard valves are air pressure to open with spring return to close (0-100 PSI). There is no minimum inlet pressure required. Other options are available. Not designed for Chlorine.


This valve design serves many functions:

  • Unique PTFE wetted diaphragm provides the ultimate in purity and chemical resistance.
  • Compact – light in weight.
  • Can be mounted in any position.
  • Normally-closed design provides bubble-tight shut off in the event of air or electrical failure.
  • Patented Fail-Dry® safety design warns of seal failure; permits valve to continue operating.
  • Million-cycle, non-sticking design.

And provides many outstanding features:

  • Compact size with PTFE diaphragm construction.
  • No metal in contact with liquid.
  • Various end connections available.
  • Million cycle non-sticking design.
  • Various body materials available: Geon® PVC, Corzan® CPVC, PTFE, Kynar® PVDF, Natural unpigmented Polypropylene.
  • Normally closed design (“fail-safe” spring to close; air to open).
  • Patented FailDry® vented design.
  • Inlet pressures to 100 PSI.

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