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Compact diaphragm valves for corrosive and ultra-pure liquids in PVC, PTFE, Kynar® & Polypropylene. The miniature air-operated diaphragm valve that performs like a heavyweight. Designed for pressure and drain applications with highly corrosive or ultra-pure liquid systems when space is critical.


A diaphragm valve is a unique kind of shut-off valve and is bi-directional by default. Structurally separate from the more standard kind of valves. As the name suggests a diaphragm is the opening and closing element in a diaphragm valve which consists of a flexy and lightweight material which is elastic, non-corrosive, non-permeable material such as plastic or rubber, this splits the fluid inside the valve body cavity from the cover cavity and the driving member which prevents contamination of the working medium and corrosion of operational parts.


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