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Munsch TNP Vertical Pump

Vertical non-metallic pump with plain bearing

The Munsch TNP close-coupled vertical chemical pump is specifically designed to pump acids, alkalis, chemically contaminated fluids, corrosive media and effluents – in the presence or in the absence of solids – directly from pump sumps, pump tanks, storage tanks or basins. The pump is available for wet-end and dry-end arrangement and is fitted with a labyrinth seal.

The setting depth of up to 1.600 mm can be extended to max. 3.200 mm by a suction pipe. Setting depths and connecting dimensions can be matched to the specific installation conditions

Typical applications include the chemical industry, electroplating plants, steel and stainless-steel pickling lines, evaporation and regeneration units, flue gas cleaning systems downstream of waste incinerators as well as exhaust air scrubbing and industrial wastewater treatment.

Available in PP, PE-UHMW as well as PVDF. Also available with ATEX rating if required as the pumps can meet the requirements of EU Directive No. 94/9/EG

Performance Data

  • Pump capacity: up to 110 m³/h
  • Total differential head: up to 45 m
  • Operating temperature [t]: 0°C up to +100 °C
  • Operating pressure [p]: up to 10 bar
  • Diameter of discharge nozzle: DN 32 up to DN 80
  • Motor sizes up to IEC motor size up to 132

Features and Benefits

  • Pump casing, casing cover and suspension pipe made of solid plastic to give maximum compatibility corrosive liquids
  • The column pipe and discharge flange can be rotated to virtually any position
  • Standard vertical setting depth can be varied in steps of 100m, intermediate depth also available
  • Impeller available as closed and semi-open
  • • Anti-friction bearing integrated into the bearing lantern allows high loads to the shaft
  • Models
  • Materials
  • Performance Charts
  • Optional Extras
  • 50-32-125
  • 50-32-160
  • 50-32-200
  • 65-40-160
  • 65-40-200
  • 65-40-250
  • 80-50-200
  • 80-50-250
  • 100-65-200
  • 125-80-200
  • Main material: Polypropylene, PE-UHMW and PVDF
  • Impeller: Polypropylene, PE-UHMW and PVDF
  • Shaft: Stainless steel (coated)
  • Plain bearing: Silicon carbide
  • Secondary seal: FPM
  • Suction pipe up to a length of 1600 mm
  • Suction strainer
  • External flushing of plain bearing
  • Motor overload switch

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