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Almatec MM

AODD Stainless Steel Pumps for Sterile Applications within the Food and Beverage Industry

AODD pumps designed to meet the strict standards, regulations and operational requirements that govern the food and beverage industry. MM Series pumps are ideal for these applications because they feature food-grade wetted materials and a construction that enables clean-in-place (CIP) and sanitize-in-place (SIP).

The design of MM Series pumps also incorporates soft liquid redirections without rotating parts and shaft seals in the product chamber, a critical consideration for hygienic operations. This design feature, when combined with the pump’s gentle displacement principle, results in a pump solution that is ideally suited for a wide variety of food and beverage applications. MM Series pumps are offered in three pump sizes with different hygienic manifold options.

All materials and the design of the pump are well suited for CIP and SIP cleaning. Depending on the pump specification the hygienic standards FDA, EC1935/2004 and USP Class VI are also met. In addition, the pumps are ATEX rated according to 2014/34/EU directive.

The pump is also available with different hygienic manifold options. Inlet and outlet orientation can easily be adjusted between “U-Shape” (inlet and outlet on the same side) and “Z-Shape” (inlet and outlet at opposite side).

The connection options are:

  • Code A1 – Screwed aseptic pipe connection (DIN 11864-1)
  • Code A2 – Aseptic flange (DIN 11864-2)
  • Code A3 – Aseptic clamp pipe connection (DIN 11864-3)
  • Code M – Milk pipe connection (DIN 11851)
  • Code T – Tri-Clamp connection (DIN 32676)
  • Code S – Open butt-welding end (small and easy to adapt)
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072 Almatec MM image 1
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Performance Data

  • Port size (inches): ½ to 1½
  • Max particle size (mm): 4 – 11
  • Max temperature (°C): 80, 130 for short periods for SIP
  • Max capacity (m3/h): 3.5 – 20
  • Suction head dry (mWC): 3 – 4
  • Suction head wet (mWC): 9

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable ALMATEC construction in solid design
  • CIP & SIP capability
  • Maintenance and lubrication-free air control system PERSWING P® reduces operating costs
  • Diaphragms, ball valves and O-rings made of PTFE or EPDM (FDA conformity)
  • Self-priming, dry run capability and solids handling
  • No drives, no rotating parts, no shaft seals – no internal wear
  • Gentle displacement
  • Easy to start up, flow rate easily controlled via the air volume and pressure
  • Suction and discharge ports suitable for Tri-Clamp and other sanitary threads
  • Models and Max Driving Pressure
  • Materials
  • Performance Charts
  • Optional Extras
  • MM15 ½”  – 7 bar
  • MM25 1” – 7 bar
  • MM40 1½” – 7 bar
  • Housing: SS316L (1.4404) electropolished
  • Diaphragms: EPDM (FDA), PTFE/EPDM compound (FDA)
  • Ball valves: EPDM (FDA), PTFE (FDA)
  • Diaphragm monitoring
  • Stroke counting
  • Hygienic certifications

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