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Almatec AHS

Plastic Air Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps for High-Pressure Applications

Almatec AHS Series have been specially designed for the safe operation of high-pressure applications up to 15 bar (218 psig). AHS Series pumps are available in two sizes (AHS 15 and 25) and a typical application of these pumps includes filter press feeding.

AHS Series pumps do not have an internal booster. Due to the 1:1 ratio of drive/discharge pressure the corresponding air pressure must be supplied externally, e.g. from the compressor itself or an external pressure booster.

The solid design of the AHS and ring tightening structure give maximum pump safety. Corrosion proof and wear resistant housing allows the pump to comfortably operate in hazardous environments. No drives, rotating parts or shaft seals minimise maintenance and operation costs. AHS includes specially developed heavy-duty diaphragms for longer service life. Dry running, self-priming and easy start up capabilities

074 AHS Series 217
074 AHS Series 217

Performance Data

  • Port size (inches): ½” to 1″ flanged
  • Max particle size (mm): 4 – 5
  • Max temperature (°C): 70
  • Max capacity (m3/h): 4 – 8
  • Suction head wet (mWC): 9.5
  • Suction head dry (EPDM/NBR ball valves)(mWC): 2 – 2.5
  • Suction head dry (PTFE ball valves)(mWC): 1.5

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable ALMATEC construction in solid design
  • Maintenance and lubrication-free air system PERSWING P® reduces operating costs
  • High pump safety due to innovative ring-tightening structure
  • Specially developed heavy-duty diaphragms for long service life
  • Self-priming, dry run capability and solids handling
  • No drives, no rotating parts, no shaft seals – no internal wear
  • Gentle displacement
  • Easy to start up, flow rate easily controlled via the air volume and pressure
  • Automatic pressure/volume adjustment for filter press feeding
  • Horizontal or vertical position for suction and discharge ports, flanges DIN or ANSI
  • Models and Max Driving Pressure
  • Materials
  • Performance Charts
  • Optional Extras
  • AHS15 1/2” – 15 bar
  • AHS25 1” – 15 bar
  • Housing: PE UHMW abrasion resistant
  • Diaphragms: EPDM, PTFE/EPDM compound, NBR
  • Ball valves: EPDM, PTFE, NBR
  • Pressure booster
  • Stroke counting
  • Diaphragm monitoring
  • Spare part kits

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