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CKS Check valves with automatic bubble seal

Check Valves help you stop unwanted reverse flow with an automatic bubble-tight seal.

Series CKS Check Valves are normally-closed in design. They feature a corrosion resistant PFA encapsulated spring which energizes a poppet seal that will neither stick nor chatter and is automatic in action. The valves are not dependent upon gravity or reverse flow and represent a significant improvement over ball check valves. They can be mounted in any position. Even in the absence of reverse flow or pressure, the poppet will automatically reposition itself to seal against the valve seat. The unique poppet will seal in the identical location every time, producing a reliable and repetetive seal.

Unsurpassed performance in a plastic check valve. Unique poppet and PFA encapsulated spring design emulates the CKM diaphragm and provides the ultimate normally-closed, zero reverse-flow valve.

Materials of construction: Body materials are Geon PVC, Corzan CPVC, Natural polypropylene, and Kynar PVDF. Seal materials are EPDM and FKM (Viton).


Key CKS Check Valve features:

  • Self-sealing — not dependent upon gravity, mounting position or reverse flow.
  • Leak-free sealing protects against the hazards of reverse flow.
  • Rapid closure helps to eliminate sudden back-flow water hammer.
  • Union nuts simplify inspection/removal with minimal piping breakdown.
  • Available pipe sizes 1-1/2″ 2″ and 3″.
  • Minimal Cracking Pressure: Valve begins to open for desired flow at approximately 1.0 to 1.5 PSI.
  • Maximum working pressure is 150 PSI at 77° F in PVC. Polypro is rated 100 PSI.
  • No exposed metal parts. Spring is PFA encapsulated steel…note that this is preferable to coating; encapsulation eliminates the possibility for “flaking” and exposure of the metal. No other metal parts are used.

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