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CKM Diaphragm Non-return check valves

Plastomatic Diaphragm Non-Return Check Valves


The PLAST-O-MATIC “CKM” diaphragm check valves have only five parts, and only one which moves-the diaphragm. This provides both design simplicity and maximum operating dependability.

The diaphragm, a normally closed seal, will neither stick nor chatter. Even when the absence of inlet flow or pressure, the diaphragm will automatically reposition itself against the valve seat. This is achieved with or without the presence of reverse flow. The unique and patented diaphragm seal will seal in the identical location every time producing a more reliable and prolonged seal.

Because of its normally closed design the PLAST-O-MATIC “CKM” check valves can be installed in any position. Concern over the valve seat closing due to gravity (as with ball check designs) is of no consequence since “CKM” valves seal in any position.

Materials of construction: Geon® PVC, Kynar® PVDF, glass-filled Polypropylene, and now Corzan® CPVC. Series CK avail.


Key CKM Series Check Valve features:

  • Self-sealing – they are not dependent on gravity, mounting position or reverse flow, a significant improvement over ball check.
  • No internal sliding or loose parts to slam or vibrate, chattering is eliminated!
  • Leak-free sealing protects against the potential hazards created by reverse flow of corrosive liquids such as acids, caustics and chlorine solutions.
  • Diaphragm automatically positions itself against seat in the identical location. Superior to ball check valves which often leak at lower pressures.
  • Union nut on Series CKM simplifies valve inspection/removal with minimum piping breakdown.
  • Minimal Cracking Pressure: Diaphragm begins to open at approximately 1.0 to 1.5 PSI.
  • Designed to improve system performance and competitively priced.

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