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Updating and Upgrading Aged Chemical Storage Tanks


Building Tall and Maximising Footprint for Christeyns UK

Christeyns UK – part of the international Christeyns Group – are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of detergents, chemicals and equipment for a wide range of sectors including; commercial laundry, food and beverage and construction.

After a period of customer and market growth, Christeyns UK began a project at their site in Bradford to increase storage capacity without expanding the site’s footprint.

The Christeyns UK team came to Chem Resist for our industry-leading capabilities in manufacturing advanced thermoplastic chemical storage tanks, as building tall was the only option!

Customer Requirement:

  • Replace four existing chemical storage tanks that had reached end of life.
  • Provide 5 additional new chemical storage tanks
  • Install a new 100,000 litre water storage tank to increase on-site water availability.
  • Ensure the new tanks sit within the same footprint as the existing ones.
  • Meet corporate sustainability and environmental goals.

Project Challenges:

Ensuring the 4 replacement tanks provided increased capacity whilst fitting within the same footprint required a creative solution!

Being key suppliers to the Healthcare and Cleaning Sectors, it was essential the project progressed to the original timescales. March 2020, was the scheduled installation phase of this bespoke storage solution for Christeyns UK, which coincided with the lockdown restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chem Resist Solution:

The tanks were manufactured using Chem Resist’s advanced spiral-winding manufacturing methods, which allows us to create bespoke tanks in volumes of up to 130m3, with diameters up to 4.3m.

But increasing volume while maintaining the footprint size meant we had only one option – building up! Each of the four replacement tanks was built to a height of just over nine metres which gave a 60% increase in capacity.

We assisted Christeyns UK in meeting their environmental goals by recycling two of the thermoplastic tanks, in partnership with a specialist plastic processing and recycling company. This is in addition to the benefits of spiral wound thermoplastics, which require a much lower carbon footprint to manufacture than other chemical storage tank materials.

The installation phase of the project saw us working hand-in-hand with Christeyns to observe social distancing measures and also find flexible solutions to not only the pandemic restrictions, but bad weather and high winds.

“It was essential to replace our existing storage tanks, both to provide better service to our customers but also to maintain our sustainability and environmental goals. Chem Resist provided the ideal solution with their nine metre tanks and due to a joint effort from staff members of both companies, the job was successfully completed on time and on budget, whilst also adhering to the additional measures in place due to lockdown. A first-class effort from a first-class company, I look forward to working with them again in the future”.

– Neville Kildunne, Works Manager at Christeyns UK

Customer Benefits:

A futureproof design increased Christeyns UK’s capacity by 60% to almost 240,000 litres across the four replacement chemical storage tanks, while the new water tank greatly improves water availability. The improved design incorporated the inclusion of an integrated bund and comprehensive steelwork, to ensure safety and protection for the environment and operatives.

Learn more about the advantages of spiral wound chemical storage tanks.

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