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Case Studies

Sodium Hypochlorite Storage & Mixing – WTW

Sodium Hypochlorite Storage and Mixing Recirculation System Project for Scottish Water

Customer Requirement:

A system to dilute Sodium Hypochlorite from 15 to 10% and then store the reduced dilution.

Chem Resist Solution:

To design, manufacture and install a system to dilute and store the chemical at the required dilution with consideration for improvements to energy efficiencies and operator access.

Customer Benefits:

A complete chemical and weather resistant solution including spiral wound storage and mixing recircuation tanks. Designed with a low level pump and educator system removing large mixers and support gantries delivering energy savings and easier operator access. Costs savings we’re also made through improved efficiencies in bulk chemical purchase.

Equipment Provided:

3x 35m3 Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks and 3x Mixing Recirculation Systems.

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