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Investment Drives 700m3 Chemical Storage Project


Established in 1971, Libra Speciality Chemicals Ltd provide high quality products and services to the Chemical Industry from their Irlam, Manchester plant.

Libra was acquired by GRI Group Ltd in 2010 and began a very ambitious growth plan, including a programme of continuous investment to ensure their manufacturing capabilities stayed at the forefront of technology, legislation, and changing markets and demands from their global customer base.

In 2016, Libra Speciality Chemicals began working with Chem Resist, purchasing 40m3 and 50m3 bunded tanks to safely store Phosphoric Acid, Caustic Soda and Mono-Chloroacetic Acid.

These early projects made the Engineering team at Libra very aware of the significant benefits of using spiral wound thermoplastics to store chemicals.

Customer Requirement

As part of their continued investment, Libra needed an additional tank farm to hold potentially corrosive aqueous solutions and brine in volume. Large capacity tanks were needed to maximise the high-volume storage requirement with a minimal footprint. In November 2020, Libra Speciality Chemicals placed an order for 7x 100m3 tanks.

The Engineering team at Libra are highly skilled and experienced; planning the project, constructing the bund for the tank farm, providing all the control technology and managing the tank installation.

Tank Manufacture

The tanks for the Libra project were very large capacity, with a volume of 100m3 plus an extra 10% ullage, this made each tank 9.3m in height, rising to 10.45m with the handrail and 4m in diameter. Only Chem Resist are capable of manufacturing such large thermoplastic tanks within the UK.

Equipment Supplied

6x 100m3 spiral wound thermoplastic chemical storage tanks with sloping base, side manway, access ladder and perimeter handrail.

1x 100m3 spiral wound thermoplastic chemical storage tank with 2 eductor mixing recirculation system, side manway, access ladder and perimeter handrail.

1x Pan World CV magnetic drive pump with polypropylene housing (to power mixing system)

The first tank was delivered in March 2021, with the final one leaving our Dewsbury manufacturing site in July as per the project timescales. Transport from Dewsbury to Irlam was provided by Hollingsworth of Barnsley under Police escort due to the size of the tanks.

Customer Benefit

Libra Speciality Chemicals and Chem Resist worked in close collaboration through all phases of this project: from the design of the tank farm, to manufacturing and delivering each tank to the ambitious timescales. The installation and commissioning of the tank farm went to schedule and the farm was fully operational in November 2021, allowing Libra Speciality Chemicals to safely store over 700m3 of aqueous solutions and brine.

Customer Testimonial:

Dr Graham Cox, Libra’s Technical Director, said “Chem Resist are brilliant to work with. Great communications and teamwork enabled this project to be delivered in a very timely manner. We look forward to the opportunity of another project together as part of Libra’s ongoing investment plan.”

Chem Resist Project Team:

Sales: Gary Smith
Project Engineer: Joe Rhodes
Production Manager: Dave Turver
Spiral Team: Mark Austin, Richard Balmforth, Ronaldo Campbell, Craig Lightowler, Zac Knowles.
Fabricators: Paul Croisdale, Mariusz Cwynar, Jason Hemmingway, Joshua Lister, Jordan Rock.
Steelwork: Russell Ward

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