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Maximising Floor Space With Close Proximity Integral Bunds
June News 2017  

Close Proximity Integral BundsAs most industries strive to maximise available floor space, it has become essential for Chem Resist to develop the ability to have close proximity integral bunds with their storage tanks.

Where there are no immediate height restrictions, building tall and keeping narrow enables the creation of large ‘tank farms’ with minimised footprint.  This has already allowed numerous clients to grow their business, without the acquisition of additional premises.

A direct benefit of reducing the tank diameters is the reduction in Civils costs by using less concrete.  This in turn has a positive impact on carbon footprint for the organisation.

Chem Resist’s Integrally Bunded Storage Tanks are recognised as ‘Bunded’, using definitions from Ciria ‘Containment systems for the prevention of pollution’.  A bund is ‘a facility (including walls and base) built around an area where potentially polluting materials are handled, processed or stored, for the purposes of containing any unintended escape of material from that area until such time as remedial action can be taken’.  Bunds are structurally independent from the primary containment tank.

During manufacture, both the storage tank and bund are fabricated independently, both comprising of their own cylinder and base.  A welded rainskirt prevents ingress of water if the intended location is external.

In contrast, it must be noted that ‘double skinned’ or ‘double walled’ storage tanks whereby both ‘skins’ or ‘walls’ are sited and welded to the same base, are not considered to provide secondary containment and should not be classed as bunded.

Chem Resist’s Integrally Bunded Storage Tanks range from 1,000 to 100,000 litres, varying in diameter to suit your requirements.  All are bespoke products and designed individually to BS EN 12573.

Spiral wound plastic tanks: a quarter of a century—not out!
May News 2017  

An interview with Chem Resist’s Chairman, Seamus Quinn, recently appeared in ABC Magazine:

Back in the dark ages of the early 1990s, most British manufacturers still used welded sheet techniques for the majority of their storage tanks. But then, spiral-wound tanks produced on mandrels—a relatively unknown technology at the time—took hold and went from strength to strength; and Chem Resist was one of the innovators of this new technique.

“Swapping notes with other European manufacturers was the lightbulb moment,” recalls Quinn; who at the time was sitting as a technical expert on the European Standards committee tasked with developing a standard for Thermoplastic Tank design, and who went on to pioneer the technology in the UK. “The odd thing was that spiral wound techniques were supposed to be the mainstay of the standard, but it was clear straight away that the UK were going to be left behind making tanks out of welded sheets.”

The observation gave Quinn an idea: to introduce and develop spiral wound methods in the UK...

Read more here

Developing The Future
February News 2017  

developing the futureAs one of the original companies to receive the Investors in People accreditation Chem Resist is an organisation that always looks to the potential of its staff as a direct indicator of the business opportunities. As a result, Chem Resist is extremely proud to have successfully recruited a number of new Fabrication Engineers and provided development opportunities in some key positions to a number of its staff.

  • Zak Knowles joined as a junior apprentice fabrication engineer and is progressing well through our internal training school, supported by our “on the job” mentoring system
  • Ryan Holdsworth a more mature trainee has chosen a change of direction in his career; previously from a steel fabrication background he has also made a successful transition into our fabrication team.
  • Joe Rhodes epitomises the long term development opportunities we hope to provide within Chem Resist. Joining Chem Resist as an apprentice within our fabrication team at the age of 16, Joe developed into a highly respected senior fabricator. When an opportunity arose within our Project Managment team, Joe now 28, successfully applied for the position and is progressing extremely quickly within his new role.
  • Dave Turver again joined us as a more mature trainee having also come from a Steel Fabrication background and very quickly adapted his skills to the change in fabrication techniques required in our business. In addition Dave showed significant interest in supporting functions within the business and once again, when an opportunity arose for a Production Manager Dave successfully applied for the role and is now engaging fully in a new challenge within our very strong Production Management Team.

As a business that requires specific skills not widely available through the conventional routes it is imperative that we continue to invest in our people who contrary to the cliché are our biggest assets.

It is our continued focus in the development of staff that significantly enhances our products and puts the company in a very strong position to create new opportunities.  

Chem Resist Bespoke Fabrications Serve the Global Market
November News 2016

Polypropylene Wire Cleaning System  Polypropylene Wire Cleaning System 2  Polypropylene Wire Cleaning System 3

Due to the limitless manufacturing possibilities with Thermoplastics, Chem Resist continue to deliver bespoke solutions in corrosive applications.

The Polypropylene Wire Cleaning System is proving to be a real success, with installations in the UK, as well as Canada and America.  Each system comprises;

  • 3 separate compartments
    • 1st to chemically clean the wire
    • 2nd for chemical removal through washing
    • 3rd for drying of the wire
  • Spray bars
  • Candle filter
  • Diaphragm pumps
  • Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps
  • Inspection/cleaning hatches and hinged lids
  • Polypropylene pipework and valves.

Such a fabrication is an excellent example of how the Chem Resist Process Plant, Fluids Transfer & Pipework Services Divisions complement each other in delivering bespoke products.  Chem Resist take great pride in being able to develop technologies to directly meet industry needs.

Chem Resist Group Ltd - By Royal Appointment
October News 2016

Fully Automated Sulphuric Acid Dilution PlantAs part of a drive to improve efficiency and safety within material cleaning, The Royal Mint appointed Chem Resist to provide a Fully Automated Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plant at its prestigious works in Llantrisant, South Wales.

With a dated and rudimentary system, the lack of process control resulted in excessive concentrated acid consumption and continuous overshoot. Subsequently the dilution process was very lengthy and expensive.

To vastly improve performance, the key deliverables of the project centred on process control, production reliability, and Health & Safety.

The project scope involved a significant design phase including extensive HAZOPs, manufacture, and installation and commissioning, all of which were undertaken by Chem Resist engineers.

As a Turnkey project and manufactured exclusively from Thermoplastic materials, Chem Resist Group were able to call upon expertise from its Process Plant Division, Pipework Services Division and Fluid Transfer Division. This ability allows comprehensive control of all aspects of the project including in this instance a very tight programme.

Having been commissioned in April 2015 the system operates 24 / 7, unattended by any operator and to-date has successfully achieved over 2,100 dilutions amounting to 5,250m3 of dilute acid. As a consequence of Chem Resist’s unique control philosophy the consumption of concentrated acid has halved.

Chem Resist Acid Dilution Systems continue to be installed worldwide and have proven to be an excellent product in terms of reliability, efficiency and finished product accuracy.

European Champions!
September News 2016

Luke BoothLuke BoothLuke Booth (pictured on the right of both the two pictures) – a member of Chem Resist Fluid Transfer sales team was part of the Great Britain team recently crowned European Champions.

There were 4 teams in the competition – GB, Ireland, Sweden and Germany with the tournament held at Motspur Park, London where Luke spent a week with the GB Team.

Group Stages
In the group stages victories were secured against both Sweden and Germany with a narrow loss to Ireland 41-40 which set up a final between GB and Ireland.

Great Britain took complete control of the final and recorded a victory 51-29 against Ireland which was even more impressive as this was the first time Great Britain had beaten Ireland in the final of a major competition.

Team of the tournament
Luke made the team of the tournament which consists of 18 players selected from all teams competing at the event.

In August 2017 Luke will go to Australia on a 3 week tour with team GB to compete in the World cup with approximately 30 teams attending.

Luke Booth

Well done Luke!

Chem Resist Successfully Commission HF Dilution Plant
July News 2016

 HF Dilution - Fully Housed PumpsHF Dilution - Automated DilutionHF Dilution - Offload Scrubbing  Storage

Chem Resist once again show their adaptability and technological edge with the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of an all Thermoplastic Hydrofluoric Acid Storage & Dilution Plant.

Chem Resist Acid Dilution Systems are now installed Worldwide and have proven to be an excellent product in terms of reliability, efficiency and finished product accuracy. Using knowledge gained in this field, Chem Resist’s Technical Team performed a re-design to be able to handle the additional demands of Hydrofluoric Acid.

From Tanker Offload, to Diluted Product, Chem Resist’s HF Dilution Plant provides the full turnkey installation using corrosion resistant Thermoplastic materials. The fully automated system comprises;

  • Tanker Offload System
  • Concentrated & Diluted Product Storage Vessel
  • Dilution Plant
  • Fume Scrubbing System
  • Fully Housed Pumping Systems
  • Cooling System
  • Extracted Filling Booth

This once again demonstrates the flexibility of Chem Resist and the eagerness to work with our customers to deliver bespoke systems manufactured in corrosion resistant materials.

High Independent Audit Score From Achilles UVDB Helps Chem Resist Achieve Record Levels Of Tender Opportunities
June News 2016

Chem Resist retains Achilles Category B2 Certification. Achilles Certificate 2016

As a key technology supplier to the Utilities Industries within the UK, Chem Resist have for a number of years invested in obtaining the industries sign of approval Achilles UVDB (Utilities Verified Database)

Achilles is one of the world’s leading global supply chain risk management companies.  Collecting and validating essential supplier performance data, allowing buying organisations to build a picture of the risks present within their supply chain, across all aspects of the business including Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems and also compliance with Legislation and Corporate Governance.

In the UK alone UVDB has 80 buyer organisations with over 1500 individual buyers and 7300 supplier companies.

As part of the risk management process, Achilles representatives carried out annual onsite assessments at Chem Resist works reviewing our Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Management Systems.

The outcomes were our highest to date and were exceptional with assessment scores of 100% in four of the six categories and 96% and 99% in the other two.

Chem Resist continues to work towards offering our customers not only high levels of technology within our products but also a positive experience. The retention of the highly valued supplier certification with such a high independent audit score gives our customers tangible evidence we will deliver in all aspects of the project with minimal risk.

Chem Resist Present Polytank
May News 2016

Plastic Materials in Plant Engineering

Chem Resist's Technical Manager Dr Stephan Menzer attended and presented at the TÜV SÜD Conference, 'Plastic Materials in Plant Engineering' in Munich during March.  As in previous years, Chem Resist were the only UK Thermoplastic Process Plant Specialist represented.

One of the aims of the conference was to deal with practical reports and operational experience in connection with the construction and material selection of Thermoplastic components, as well as addressing the topic of industrial piping systems and fittings.  Field installation examples presented by skilled experts were;

  • Car body paint line in Polypropylene (50m long)
  • Replacement of stainless steel pipes with Thermoplastic for brackish coolant water
  • Thermoplastic enclosures in food production
  • Plastic liners in road tankers and rail cars

Key industry advances continue to be made, with sharing of knowledge taking place in the following fields;

  • New materials
  • New gasket materials
  • Updates on new welding guidelines and weld equipment
  • Material testing (A2 factors, assessment of vessels and pipework suffering from severe chemical attack)

Chem Resist were invited to deliver a presentation on Ultrasonic non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Thermoplastics, summarising the results of the Polytank research project, which was co-ordinated by Chem Resist & funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research (  Many of the challenges highlighted in the material testing and installation examples section of the conference could have been avoided if the installers had been skilled in NDE testing.  Chem Resist aim to build on the findings of the project, maintaining a stance as a leader in the development of new technologies in Thermoplastics. 

Secondary Containment All ‘Wrapped Up’
February News 2016

Spiral Wound Thermoplastic Storage Vessels

Chem Resist’s Integrally Bunded, Spiral Wound Thermoplastic Storage Vessels are continuing to be a first choice for a large proportion of our customers, reducing footprints and costs associated with civil constructed bunds. 

Chem Resist construction methods allow Tank and Bund assemblies to be delivered, offloaded and sited as a single unit, making installation much quicker and simpler, again reducing costs.

A key benefit of the arrangement is having two independent tank and bund cylinders, each welded to their own independent base, effectively creating a tank within a tank assembly.

With the insulating properties of the bund, coupled with lagging and cladding of the exposed cylinder and internal heating, Chem Resist are able to offer vessels for external applications that remove the worry of products freezing.  This again is proving a real benefit for our customers.

Regular contracts are undertaken with tank and bund sizes up to 3.8m and 4.3m internal diameter respectively.  This offers self-bunded solutions of up to 100m3.

Integrally Bunded Vessels are available with diameters ranging from 0.8m to 4.3m.

Chem Resist Group Ltd Enters New Dimensionsjan16-news
January News 2016

As part of the long term enhancement scheme to our unique Thermoplastic Spiral Winding System, Chem Resist has recently commissioned the manufacture of 5 new Spiral Winding Mandrels manufactured from Stainless Steel, taking delivery of 2 to date.

By standardising all mandrels at an extended length of 10m, allows Chem Resist to offer a limitless range of tank diameter to volume combinations.

Chem Resist Spiral Winding Technology allows the manufacture of tank cylinders of any diameters from 800mm to 4300mm, with heights up to 10m.  With a growing tank replacement market, this unique feature is proving to be a major reason why customers are choosing to work with Chem Resist.  This enables dimensionally like for like replacements for traditional Thermoplastic Sheet or GRP tanks, with Thermoplastic Spiral Wound Storage Tanks.

Detergents Plant Relocation & Expansion
November News 2015

Detergents Plant Relocation & Expansion project

In the early 2000’s Chem Resist began a relationship with a growing detergent manufacturer based in the North West of England. Our expertise in understanding the chemical resistance capabilities of Thermoplastics helped us re-engineer a number of storage and blending processes formerly carried out in expensive and unsuitable materials.
Due to continued and substantial growth our client recently made the decision to move to larger premises in order to fulfil its potential.
Chem Resist was awarded the contract to undertake the relocation of the complete Cleaning Chemicals Storage and Production facility, including mechanical and electrical works.
At high level this involved moving existing storage and processing equipment, installation of new storage and processing pipework and the design and manufacture of a number of new blending systems, all with automated control.
In order to continue to meet customer demands during the project, the timing of re-location of existing coupled with commissioning of the new, had to be precise and well co-ordinated. As the principle contractor Chem Resist was able to utilise its full set of in house design, manufacture, installation and commissioning resources to deliver the tight schedule.
Project Headlines:
•    300,000ltr of raw material Bulk Storage integrated with delivery pumps and pipework
•    100,000ltr of Mixing-Recirculation Blending Facility in 6 Spiral Wound HDPE Mixing Stations
•    Continued support of client with new mixing station, technical support and plant optimisation.
Chem Resist’s ability to work outside standard conventions and offer bespoke solutions enabled our client to deliver on an ambitious expansion project, without disruption to meeting ongoing customer requirements.

Chem Resist Builds High to Maximize Floor Space
September News 2015

Since early 2013 Chem Resist has been working extensively with a local “High Quality Cleaning Product” manufacturer in upgrading its storage and blending facilities.

Due to continued growth, the business is continually looking to increase its production capabilities to match its market opportunities. The challenges it faces are based around availability of space. Chem Resists unique ability to design and manufacture Thermoplastic Spiral Wind Chemical Storage Tanks in any dimensions ranging from 800mm to 4300mm has allowed us to convert very tight floor spaces into significant liquid storage volumes.

The most recent expansion project required the ability to create additional product storage of 100,000Lt without any available floor space. A lengthy review of the existing plant set up was undertaken with the objective of achieving as much storage volume as practically possible.

A solution for space was established consisting of a large mezzanine floor above the production facility designed to accommodate the Storage Vessels. In order to maximize the full floor space, the tanks needed to be very tall. Once again the bespoke nature of our production process allowed us to meet the client objectives, with the supply and installation of 9 No 11,000Lt Storage Tanks, 1.70m Diameter x 5.30m High.
Chem resist’s ability to work outside standard conventions and offer bespoke solutions enabled our client to take advantage of the minimal space available and meet their ambition for growth.

Thermoplastic Spiral Wound Chemical Storage

Chem Resist Technology Proves Long Term ReliabilityPolypropylene Hydrochloric Acid Storage Vessels
July News 2015

In 1997 Chem Resist manufactured and installed 4 No 80m3 Polypropylene Hydrochloric Acid Storage Vessels for a local agrochemical manufacturer, giving a combined volume of 320,000 litres.

Despite having a design life of 10 years, regular inspection continued to show the vessels to be fit for service.  This was still the case when our customer decided to undergo a replacement programme approximately 12 months ago.  This is again a prime example of the build integrity of Chem Resists Spiral Wound technology.

During the last 12 months we have undergone a phased replacement to enable continued production of agrochemicals.  A real advantage for the project was the ability for Chem Resist to produce vessels of any diameter between 1.00m and 4.30m, enabling direct ‘Like For Like Replacements.  This maintains an identical footprint and allows the use of the same civil construction, minimising project costs.

Throughout the project Chem Resist experienced challenging deadlines, but as always, remained adaptable to the needs of our customer.  With our ‘Removal & Recycle’ service, we were able to design, manufacture and deliver the 4 replacement vessels, as well as removing and recycling the redundant ones.  We see this as a key service to offer for a material which is a finite resource.  With material advancements since 1997, the replacement vessels are constructed from HDPE PE100 with a design life of 20 years, indicating that they will be around for many years to come.

Over recent years the site has replaced a number of GRP and Thermoplastic vessels with Chem Resists Spiral Wound Storage Tanks, highlighting an excellent working relationship and confidence in our products.

Chem Resist Aids Expansion
Urea Blending facilityJune News 2015

In 2010 Chem Resist designed, built and installed a revolutionary Urea Blending facility to a client in Scotland. Over the subsequent years the system has allowed our client to diversify from its mature core business into a new and continuing developing market, where volumes are increasing and Urea grades are changing.
To take advantage of the new opportunities and continue their growth in this area they took the decision to expand their blending, storage and distribution system.

The challenge they faced was one of restricted space and in particular the irregular profile of the available footprint. Critical to the viability of the expansion was to achieve an increase in storage volume of circa 100m3.

Chem Resist was invited to site to review the space available with the objective of achieving as much storage volume as possible. After a number of proposals were considered a decision was made to progress with two tanks with differing diameters providing an overall volume increase of circa 110m3.

Chem resist’s ability to produce HDPE Spiral Wound Tanks in any diameter from 1.00m to 4.30m enabled our client to take advantage of the space available and put into place their ambition for growth.

Planning for the Long TermGary Smith (BSC Hons)
May News

In line with our long term strategic objectives Chem Resist has successfully appointed Gary Smith (BSC Hons) in the new role of Senior Technical Sales Manager. Having had a brief but effective career at Chem Resist between 2000 and 2002 Gary has re-joined the business after a very successful career in Academia where he was Head of Science and Head of Year in a Leeds High School.
As an experienced Chemical Engineer Gary’s appointment further enhances not only our commercial team but also complements our existing high level engineering capabilities which is key to providing our clients with Thermoplastic Technologies which enhance their performance.
Chem Resist has a long serving workforce and typical of all SME’s relies on the industry experience they have gained during their time with the company. Therefore the business requires diligent and focused recruitment and with the appointment of Gary we are confident he will contribute to its continued success in the future.

New Anglo French Partnership
March News 2015

Over an extended period Chem Resist has developed a strong working partnershipThermoplastic Automated Sulphuric Acid Dilution Unit with the French company Stockage et Systemes. With very similar technical capabilities and sales philosophies based on Thermoplastic Technologies Stockage et Systemes provide turnkey solutions to the French processing industries and are keen to add Chem Resists unique packaged plants to their offerings.
The partnership is very much one of mutual benefit as Chem Resist has recently introduced to the UK market the unique ChemiGuard Secure Tanker Fill and Dosing Units produced by Stockage et Systemes.
A result of the partnership has seen the first Chem Resist Sulphuric Acid Dilution unit being shipped to a French Chemical Distributor who specialises in the provision of water treatment chemicals for the swimming pool industry.
Designed, and manufactured in house the all Thermoplastic Automated Sulphuric Acid Dilution Unit provides the client with the ability to dilute numerous recipes and quantities from concentrated solution in a very short period helping him meet some demanding lead times and improving his stock management.
Our continued focus in the development and enhancement of packaged plant products puts the company in a strong position to create new opportunities in markets outside of the UK.

Investing for the Future
February News 2015
Thermoplastic Spiral Winding System

Chem Resist Group Ltd has recently successfully completed a major improvement scheme to its unique Thermoplastic Spiral Winding System which included significant investment and took in excess of 12 months of planning and implementation.
Due to a strong order book the down time allowed was restricted to a 2 week period. The critical path of the programme required that all replacement items had to be designed purchased or manufactured prior to the improvement works being carried out.
The primary objectives included, extended bed length in order to increase cylinder height availability, improved loading and unloading capabilities enabling production of heavier cylinders, increased extruder capacity for wider and thicker profiles. All of which continue the philosophy of offering our customers the best available technology for the future.
Chem Resist Spiral Winding Technology allows the manufacture of tank cylinders with diameters from 800mm to 4300mm. With a growing tank replacement market this unique feature is proving to be a major reason why customers are choosing to work with Chem Resist when looking to replace traditional Thermoplastic Sheet or GRP tanks with dimensionally like for like Thermoplastic Spiral Wind Storage Tanks.

World Challenge Mozambique Expedition
December News 2014

As part of the continued support of young people in our community, Chem Resist is very proud to have contributed to the extraordinary efforts of one local student, Beth Woods.
Rather than doing conventional activities during her summer break Beth chose the more exhilarating and ultimately rewarding opportunity of being part of the World Challenge Mozambique Expedition.
Over a period of 1 month Beth travelled firstly to Mozambique and then on to Swaziland undertaking life changing activities with the highlight including snorkelling with whale sharks.
Engaging with the rural villages and local culture is as much a part of the expeditions as the more traditional adventure activities.  To this end
and as part of a team Beth successfully took on the challenge of improving the education environment for the local children. The task was to work with local builders to replace an existing schoolroom made of palms trees with a more robust concrete structure, ensuring the legacy of expedition for many years to come.
Chem Resist prides itself on helping provide young people with opportunities to challenge and develop themselves whether that be in work experience, sport and in this case a unique once in a life time adventure.

Chem Resist supported building project

Chem Resist Group Ltd Exports its Urea Blending Plant Technology
November News

Urea Blending PlantChem Resist Group Ltd recently delivered a large value contract to provide a UK based Haulage Company with a Urea Blending Plant in Scandinavia.  
The new plant enables our client to diversify from its core haulage business into the sales and distribution of Urea, which when injected into the fuel mixture plays a major role in reducing oxides of nitrogen pollution from Heavy Goods Vehicles throughout Europe.
Due to the extreme low operating temperatures the client required a large capacity plant to fit into a reasonable sized building. The unique Chem Resist system can provide blending capacities up to 130m3 with a single vessel utilizing our Thermoplastic Spiral Winding Technology which reduces the required footprint. In addition internally mounted, all thermoplastic mixing educator technology powered by a base mounted centrifugal pump eliminates the need for the traditional large agitator and gearbox located on the roof of the vessel, again reducing the required building height.
The blend which comprises solid Urea prills delivered in one tonne bags and demineralised water could present a solids handling challenge to the normal aqueous blending process. This is overcome by traditional spiral and bucket conveyor systems delivering prills to the top of the blending vessel and the mixing educator technology ensuring dissolution of the prills into the concentrating solution.
One of the major efficiency benefits of the automated system is that the batch plant can be successfully manned by a single operator and wirelessly monitored in real time in the UK.
Our continued focus in the development of Thermoplastics in corrosive Process Plant applications puts the company in a unique position to present our clients with new opportunities to add value for the future.

Chem Resist Group Ltd Extends Framework Agreement
October News 2014
Thermoplastic Spiral Wind Chemical Storage Tanks for Treatment Work

Chem Resist Group Ltd was recently rewarded for it exemplary performance during AMP 5 with an AMP 6 extension to its current Thames Water Framework Agreement, covering the supply of its Thermoplastic Spiral Wind Chemical Storage Tanks for Treatment Work capacity upgrades and for the replacement of expired existing Chemical Storage Tanks.
Whereas alternative manufacturers are restricted by set mandrels for tank dimensions, Chem Resist’s unique Spiral Wind Technology offers Thames Water and its partners the ability to replace redundant tanks not only with the best available manufacturing technology but also with exact dimensional replacements, significantly reducing many aspects of the design and installation costs, particularly around civil and bunding arrangements.
All tanks are designed to BS EN12573:2000 and are in accordance with the Thames Water Asset Standard M215 Plastic Tanks for Chemicals and Water.

Chem Resist challenges the traditional
August News 2014Polypropylene processing vessels

Chem Resist Group Ltd was recently awarded a contract to manufacture 2 No 60m3 Polypropylene processing vessels which operate at elevated temperatures. In accordance with the European design standard the wall thickness of the vessels was dictated at 135mm.
Chem Resist’s unique Thermoplastic Spiral Wind manufacturing process enables the manufacture of vessels of any diameter from 1.20 meters up to 4.30 meters with wall thicknesses up to 140mm thick.

Chem Resist were able to provide references of previous projects where this level of construction was required assuring the client that this was possible.

By understanding customer’s processes, Chem Resist Group Ltd continues to develop new opportunities for its Thermoplastic Tank Technology in markets and applications where the traditional thinking is that Tank manufacturing technologies such as Rubber Lined Steel,
Glass Reinforced Plastic
and Stainless Steel are the only materials of choice. Polypropylene processing vessels



July News 2014

Chem Resist Group Ltd are well respected leaders in the manufacture of spiral wound thermoplastic storage tanks, systems and suppliers of a wide range of chemical pumps.

To enhance their current portfolio Chem Resist are delighted to announce the launch of a new range of products - Chemiguard®.

The transfer of bulk liquids from tanker to bulk storage tanks happens hundreds if not thousands of times every day in the UK and the Chemiguard® range of products are specifically designed to increase the safety and reliability of this operation.

Consisting of 3 fully customizable products the Chemiguard® range covers blown tanker and pumped tanker discharge applications and also a dosing cabinet range (more details on this coming soon).

Blown DischargeChemiguard cabinets

This version is specifically adapted to unloading of tanks with vertical pipes within the system and features include isolation valve, sample point and integrated sump with drain. The system protects both the operator and environment from the various dangers of unloading operations including risk of leaks and splashes during liquid transfer and contamination of the surrounding area as spillages are contained.

Pumped Discharge

The pumped discharge option is a complete solution, thanks to its integrated magnetic drive pump, pipe-work, valves and controls necessary for safe unloading of liquid chemicals. 

Discharge rates and pump materials can be specified to enhance the standard unit to suit each application and the skid includes a sample point, drip tray with drain and is available in fixed or mobile versions.

Common Features

All Chemiguard® cabinets are lockable, manufactured from moulded UV stable plastics and can be customized to suit individual customer requirements.

Colour Coding

One of the unique features is the option to colour code each Chemiguard® cabinet. This can help site personnel identify different liquid streams helping to reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

Chemiguard® - Enhancing you site safety.

For further details either call +44 (0) 1924 499466 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CHEM RESIST Completes Storage Tank Upgrade
June News 2014

ChBulk Storage Tanksem Resist Group Ltd has successfully completed the chemical storage tanksplanned replacement of 3 No 60m3 GRP Bulk Storage Tanks at a large chemical manufacturer in the North West of England.
The project was initiated in 2010 when the company recognized that the existing bulk storage tanks manufact
ured using the dated GRP technology were nearing the end of their design life and replacements had to be sourced.

Instead of purchasing direct replacements, a detailed review of the optional manufacturing technologies available was undertaken. After much consideration investigating available materials, corrosion resistance, design life and inevitably cost the decision was made to p
rogress with Chem Resist’s unique Spiral Wind Technology.
Chem Resist was commissioned to carry out the turnkey design, manufacture, installation of 3 No 60m3 High Density Polyethylene PE100 Storage Tanks, including the removal and disposal of the now redundant GRP tanks.
Over a three year period outages were agreed with the client to enable the staged replacement of each tank, with the final tank being replaced earlier this year.

CHEM RESIST run with Champions!Chem Resist support
May News 2014

Chem Resist has a strong history of supporting local sporting clubs, sponsoring a number of Rugby and Football teams as well as junior educational expeditions to far corners of the globe.

This season one of our beneficiaries “Field AFC” open age which is jointly managed by Chem Resist employee Mick Hodgson has enjoyed winning success capturing the District Cup, League Cup and most recently the County Cup
which was played at Leeds
Chem Resist supporting locallyUnited’s home ground Elland Road. 

Continuing support of local sporting activities is an important ethos in Chem Resist and something we are very proud of and it is especially rewarding to be associated with this sporting success.



CHEM RESIST strengthens it's position with continued growth! chemical storage tanks projects
April News 2014

March 2013 was the end of another year of growth for the Chem Resist Group with all three divisions within the group, Chem Resist Process Plant Systems, Chem Resist Pipework Systems and Chem Resist Fluid Transfer improving on previous performance.

Highlights of the year saw the group win its largest single Storage Tank contract for a total number of 55 Tanks. Our pioneering approach has also paid significant dividend with a growing number of Turnkey Projects being obtained for the design and build of Processing Plants, primarily constructed in Thermoplastic materials.

The introduction and successful launch of new products within the Fluid Transfer Division proved significant in developing increased opportunities within both current and new markets.

With our new financial period underway our focus of continued development of Thermoplastics in the corrosive applications, supported by our in house engineering capabilities and strategic investments puts the company in unique position to provide our clients with opportunities to enhance their performance in 2014.

POLYTANK EU Research Project – Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of welded joints in Thermoplastic Storage Tanks
March News 2014

In our efforts to promote continuous development of thermoplastic storage and process tanks last Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of welded joints in Thermoplastic Storage Tanksyear Chem Resist and three other European SMEs in conjunction with the UK Welding Institute (TWI) and Hessel Ingeniertechnik of Germany were successful in securing EU funding in excess of €900,000 for a major 2 year research project to develop Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of welded joints on thermoplastic tanks.

Chem Resist’s Chairman, Seamus Quinn, is co-ordinator of the EU project

The popularity of thermoplastic tanks for storage and processing of corrosive liquids has grown strongly since the early 70s and even more so since the introduction of the European and British standard for design BS EN 12573 fourteen years ago.

While thermoplastic materials of construction have many advantages over traditional materials, they cannot be meaningfully examined by traditional NDE techniques such as Single Crystal Ultrasonics due to their amorphous nature. Hence to conform to the HSE Guideline PM86 Thermoplastic Tank integrity management tanks have to be emptied and examined internally during their design life.

This is an even larger challenge on continental Europe where thermoplastic storage tanks are the norm for corrosive liquid storage.

Early results using a Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing are very encouraging and are already holding out the possibility of examination of the internal base to side wall weld from the tank exterior using standard PAUT analysis combined with a specialist probe and track.

Over the next few months site tests will be conducted on samples of new tanks and failed tanks provided by the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) who are partners in the project.

Dr Stephan Menzer, Technical Manager of Chem Resist Ltd attends the 4th International Conference on Thermoplastics in Plant Engineering
February News 2014

International Conference on Thermoplastics in Plant Engineering150 delegates from 9 countries, representing raw and semi-finished materials suppliers, regulatory bodies, tank manufacturers and end-users, met in Munich earlier this week for the 4th International Conference on Thermoplastics in Plant Engineering. Once again, Chem Resist was the only UK Thermoplastic Tank manufacturer in attendance.

A significant element of the conference was the launch of further generation materials:

LyondellBasell are in the process of introducing a new grade of High Density Polyethylene, PE100RT, which offers higher operational temperature, extending the current range of HDPE from 60°C to 90°C based on a 10 year design life.

Borealis presented a new Polypropylene PP-RCT which offers much improved long-term strength.

Chem Resist will monitor the technical progress and availability of the two materials and will look to integrate into applications where real performance benefits can be offered to our customers.

One of the major uses of Thermoplastics is in the Chemical Processing Industry. To support material selection a presentation was given by SIMONA providing a detailed insight into how chemical compatibility of material is assessed and quantified for the use in structural calculations.

Further discussion focused on Thermoplastic welding techniques, weld repairs and welder certification incorporating the current European Standards. A highlight of this was confirmation that Chem Resists in house Welder Training and Certification programme exceeds what the ‘Germans’ consider necessary.

Highlight examples from the application workshop was a video of a roof installation of 1500 mm NB PE ducts. We have done quite a few tank installations which have required large crane movements to lower in through the roof.  However to see this is done with a helicopter was amazing, the statement that this was the most economical solution to the problem was even more so!

Did you know that the obstacles and half pipes used for snowboard and free-style skiing events at the Sotchi Winter Olympics were manufactured from steel frames with Polyethylene covers and that some of the ramps were 25 m long? Amazing what can be done with thermoplastics!

Chem Resist Invests for the Future
January News 2014

Butt Weld Machine

Due to an increasing number of our customers choosing to take advantage of the commercial benefits of our larger volume Storage Tanks Chem Resist has commissioned INGENIA GmbH to manufacture a new state of the art Butt Weld Machine.

With a total investment of £90,000 the new Automated CNC controlled  Butt Weld Machine has the ability to produce automatic butt fusion welds 4m long with materials up to 60mm thick.

This investment supports our continued commitment to improving our manufacturing Efficiency and Quality.

The machine is currently in manufacture and will be installed and commissioned in May 2014.


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